Dead Rising 4 Blueprints Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Blueprints Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Blueprints Collectibles Locations Guide
A Blueprint in Dead Rising 4

Numerous Dead Rising 4 Blueprints collectibles can be acquired in the open world survival horror videogame developed by Capcom for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, assuming you know where to look.

The Blueprints are back in the latest installment from the Dead Rising series, in the form of Combo Weapons or Combo Vehicles. Both of the Combos are a must have if you want to have the most powerful tools against the endless hordes of zombies.

The action is set in Willamette, Colorado, and you play the star of the original game, Frank West. You can find the Blueprint collectibles all around Willamette, and since there is no longer a time limit, you are encouraged to explore more.

There are four types of Dead Rising 4 Blueprints available in the game: Melee, Ranged, Thrown, and Vehicle. Once you have the Blueprint you can always create that weapon or vehicle when you come across the required materials and tools.

You can collect up to 55 Blueprints in the singleplayer, with an additional 15 only available in the multiplayer portion of the game.

You can find Combo Blueprints lying on the ground or inside stores, in hard to reach places, in Panic Rooms that are usually locked, from Vendors in Shelters, or even get them for completing specific actions.

Some vendors sell maps that reveal the locations of the Blueprints in an area, but that cost money and sometimes you have to upgrade the shelter to access the map you’re looking for.

However, while the maps are useful for finding the approximate locations, they don’t tell you how to get the Blueprints or the keys required to open the lockers or panic rooms in which you find them.

Our Dead Rising 4 Blueprint Collectibles Guide comes to your aid, because it doesn’t only reveal the exact locations, it even tells you how to get or unlock them. Therefore, use the text guides and the maps below to find the Combo Blueprints and save yourself some money which you can use to buy that silly costume you ever wanted.

Additionally, we included videos guides from our YouTube playlist for every region in the game. Since it’s an open world game you can collect many of the Blueprints in the order you like, but note that the maps follow the same order as the video.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Blueprints Locations

#1 – Blast from the Past – Melee

The first Dead Rising 4 Blueprint is found inside the military facility from the prologue mission. After Frank is separated from Vick, you come across a hallway where you have to pick up the Blueprint from a crate in order to clear the room full of zombies. It is unmissable.

#2 – Froztee Penguin – Melee

You can find this Combo Weapon right after the helicopter crashes at the beginning of Case 1. Near your starting position is the Froztee’s Frozen Yogurt shop.

You’ll find the Blueprint inside a locker in the shop, but it requires a key. Head to the circular bar near The Thirsty Amazon to find the locker key.

#3 – Blambow – Ranged

Follow Brad to the Virago Hotel in the Amazon Food Court. Behind the counter you can find Connor. Next to him, on the ground, is the Blambow Blueprint.

#4 – Umbrella Gun – Ranged

There is a hidden Panic Room in the Virago Hotel, near the elevators on the ground floor, but it requires a key. Scan the wall with the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer to reveal the secret door.

Head to the women’s bathroom just outside the hotel to find the key, then go back to access the Zom-B safe room.

#5 – Electric Wreath – Melee

After Brad opens the door to the security room of the Virago Hotel, get inside and grab the keys that are on the floor.

Now go to the backroom of El Mode Design in the Miami Boardwalk section of the mall to find a locker that holds the Blueprint – just follow the corridors from the security room.

#6 – Kill-O-Watt – Vehicle

The Combo Vehicle Blueprint is locked in a cage in the center of the Miami Boardwalk Go Kart Speedway. In order to unlock the cage, you have to race the kart around the track twice, beating the record.

#7 – Fish Launcher – Ranged

This Ranged Weapon Blueprint is locked in the Pirate’s Catch Restaurant in Caribbean Cove. Climb the curved stairs near the wharf to find the locker key at the top of the yellow clock tower.

#8 – Bogey Monster – Vehicle

Another Vehicle Blueprint can be collected on the upper level of Caribbean Cove leading to Kiichiro Plaza. Head to the Homerunners store to find the blueprint on the front counter.

#9 – Laser Sword – Melee

The Laser Sword blueprint is on the counter of Charms of Desire, which is located on the upper level of the boulevard that connects Miami Boardwalk to Caribbean Cove.

To get there you can bypass the debris that are blocking the escalators near Miami Boardwalk. Once at the top, follow the ledge with Christmas decorations and hop over the railing. Alternatively, you can play the story until the upper level becomes available.

#10 – Floating Lantern – Melee

Head to Kiichiro Plaza and search for the shop called Oh San’s Sun and Moon Sushi. The Dead Rising 4 Blueprint is waiting for you on the counter.

#11 – Flaming Helmet – Melee

Find the Toy Rex shop in the boulevard leading from the Amazon Food Court to the Medieval Town (northernmost part of the multiplex). The Melee Weapon blueprint is on the counter.

#12 – Ornament Gun – Ranged

Just before the Medieval Town, on the left-hand side, is the Mad Love Tees shop. On the counter is another Blueprint collectible, a ranged combo weapon.

#13 – Acid Maul – Melee

The next Blueprint can be found once you gain access to the Medieval Town. It is in the Medieval Town Museum, located to the left of the entrance.

#14 – MowerHawg – Vehicle

A little further from the Medieval Town Museum is the Ye Olde Toy Box shop. On the counter inside is the MowerHawg vehicle Blueprint.

#15 – Santa Trap – Melee

Go to Santa’s village in the Central Plaza. Grab the Zom-B key found in Santa’s giant chair, then head inside the North Pole Town Square Workshop located behind the chair.

Use the Spectrum Analyzer on the book case to find the Panic Room, and open it with the key in order to find the Blueprint sitting on a bunk.

#16 – Slicing Beauty – Melee

Follow the mission to the Central Plaza until you go outside and encounter a group of Obscuris soldiers.

Locate the key in the nearby tent, then open the locked quarantine room with your camera. Use the key on the locker inside to retrieve the Blueprint collectible.

Old Town Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 4 Old Town Blueprints Locations Map
Old Town Blueprints

#17 – Equalizer – Melee

You get the Equalizer Blueprint when you complete Case 1 mission.

#18 – Warmonger – Vehicle

At the very beginning of Case 2 you meet Jessa near a car in a garage. On the hood of the car is the Combo Vehicle blueprint, you can’t miss it.

#19 – Roto Killer – Melee

Head to the Garrison Peace Park to find the Dead Rising 4 Blueprint on a picnic table near the public toilets.

#20 – Flaming Sword – Melee

While in the same park, go to the circular plaza marked on your map. Use the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer near the cubic structure to reveal a place to dig. You will need an Exo Suit to make the Combo Blueprint to appear on the ground. There is one in the gazebo nearby the dig site.

#21 – Roaring Thunder – Melee

Near the Emergency Shelter is the Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles shop. Get inside to find the Roaring Thunder Combo Weapon on the counter.

#22 – Ice Sword – Melee

There is an apartment above Dodd’s Drugs that you will come across as part of the Case 2 storyline. In order to access it use the dumpster between the buildings to climb on the roof via the fire escape staircase. Step inside through the open window and grab the Blueprint from the kitchen.

#23 – Sling Rot – Vehicle

Across the street from Rockpile Liquors is a chapel (south from the shelter). The Vehicle Combo blueprint is on the stairs on the side of the chapel, facing the parking lot.

#24 – Split Shot – Ranged

Go to the military checkpoint at the front entrance of the Willamette City Hall Archives. Use the Spectrum Analyzer on the ground behind the sandbags to reveal a dig site. Grab the Exo Suit beside the dig spot to excavate the Ranged Weapon blueprint.

#25 – Raining Nails – Ranged

The next Combo Weapon Blueprint can be found in a locker inside Big Buck Hardware. The key to the locker is outside, just around the corner, behind a big container.

#26 – Holey Terror – Ranged

Once you gain access to the Old Town Fire Hall by following the Case 2 mission, head upstairs to find the Holey Terror blueprint on a table in the small kitchen.

#27 – Holiday Junk – Melee

This Dead Rising 4 Blueprint is available when you investigate the Maniacs in the Christmas Tree lot near the bus depot. It sits on Santa’s chair that you can find at the back of the area.

West Ridge Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 4 West Ridge Blueprints Locations Map
West Ridge Blueprints

#28 – Bon Bomb – Melee

Follow the Case 2 story until you reach Tom’s Compound in West Ridge. You can find the Bon Bomb Blueprint on a table inside the workshop at the farm.

#29 – Electric Axe – Melee

Awarded for completing Case 2.

#30 – Nut Blaster – Ranged

The Patriots residence has an underground Panic Room hidden in the shed behind the house. The keycard can be found in the garage section of the Emergency Shelter.

Grab the keycard and return to open the panic room in which you’ll find the blueprint collectible.

#31 – Suckmaster 3000 – Thrown

Same as above, The Mekanicks’ shed features a hidden Panic Room that holds the Thrown Weapon Blueprint. Find the keycard on a workbench in the garage and use it to open the trapdoor.

#32 – Magic Wand – Melee

The Brieder family are neighbors with the Mekanicks. You can find the Magic Wand Blueprint inside their house, on the coffee table in the living room.

#33 – Sledge Saw – Melee

Go to the courtyard of Willamette Jr. High School and use the Spectrum Analyzer to scan the ground near the flag pole and locked double doors. In order to dig the Sledge Saw blueprint you need an Exo Suit. Luckily, there is one at the nearby church.

#34 – Gandelf – Melee

The next Blueprint is in a locker inside The Gardners house. The locker key is located in the main bedroom, on a table next to the window.

#35 – Hit Maker – Ranged

Head to The Muzaks house toward south. As you enter through the front door you will find the Combo Weapon blueprint on a table to your left.

#36 – Ice Chain Gun – Ranged

The Quizeens home is nearby. Get inside to find the Dead Rising 4 Blueprint on the kitchen counter.

#37 – Deck the Halls – Melee

The Deck of Halls Combo Weapon blueprint is in the kitchen of Jox Family house which is located in the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community. However, the area is locked until you complete approximately a third of Case 3 story mission.

After you’re done exploring the sewers in North Peak someone will contact you to meet in West Ridge. Go to the now unlocked community and survive the assault to access the house.

#38 – Cryonic Commando – Vehicle

Follow the road north to Willamette Hydroelectric Station until you reach the Xmas Tree Lot. Inside the large barn with the antique car you can find the Cryonic Commando Blueprint, which is a Combo Vehicle.

#39 – Dynameat – Thrown

Unlocked automatically when completing Case 3.

#40 – Bazooka Cannon – Ranged

Complete Case 4 to unlock the Bazooka Cannon Blueprint.

#41 – Tread Maker – Vehicle

This Vehicle Combo Blueprint is inside the locked garage in Tom’s Compound, but you can’t get it until you are tasked to return to the farm to find someone in Case 5.

Head to the bedroom upstairs, open the closet, and use the Spectrum Analyzer to reveal a hidden room. Grab the Farm Keys in the hidden room and then use them to open the garage connected to the house.

We suggest you get the keys on the first occasion, since we returned to the farm after completing the objective and they disappeared.

North Peak Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 4 North Peak Blueprints Locations Map
North Peak Blueprints

#42 – Sentry Kittens – Melee

The Sentry Kittens Blueprint can be found on the way to North Peak, just after the dam. It is buried in a time capsule beneath the “Willamette Hydroelectric Station” sign.

Use the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer to reveal the dig spot and equip the Exo Suit near the trucks to dig the blueprint.

#43 – Jurassic Barf – Melee

At The Peaks Motel there is an open room below the stairs. Get inside and grab the Combo Weapon Blueprint from the small table under the TV.

#44 – Back Cracker – Melee

Another Melee Weapon Blueprint can be found in Nickolls Ink. It is on the small coffee table by the entrance.

#45 – DIY Grenade – Thrown

Get inside Shanky’s Pool Hall through the front entrance. The Thrown Weapon blueprint is on the bar.

#46 – Sticky Bomb – Thrown

The Sticky Bomb blueprint is in a locker inside McKenzie Auto shop. Get the Zom-B safe key from the garage section and then use it on the keypad in the back room to open the Panic Room. Grab the locker key from the table in the bunker and use it to unlock the blueprint.

#47 – Creep Fryer – Vehicle

Go to the back entrance of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub to find the keys for the Panic Room which is located downstairs near the bathrooms. Scan the wall with the camera and open the safe to find the Creep Fryer Combo Vehicle Blueprint.

#48 – Soundwave Trap – Thrown

You can find another Dead Rising 4 Blueprint on the counter inside the WLD Country Radio 530 AM building.

#49 – Ion Cannon – Ranged

Head to the Gruff ‘n Tuff Motors shop near the Emergency Shelter. On the shop counter is the Blueprint for the Ion Cannon Ranged Weapon.

#50 – Acid Rain – Ranged

You can get the Acid Rain Blueprint halfway through Case 5, when you have to find a way to the top of the Kippax cement factory.

Grab the Exo Suit in the factory and reach the third floor to find the Vacuum Upgrade. Turn right just past it and smash the wall to discover the Blueprint collectible.

#51 – Tripod Zapper – Melee

Unlocked when you complete Case 5.

Emergency Shelters Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 4 Emergency Shelters Blueprints Locations Map
Emergency Shelters Blueprints

#52 – Plunger Lure – Thrown

Can be bought from the Weapon Vendor in the Mall Emergency Shelter for $6000 or $4800 if you unlocked the necessary skill.

#53 – Chuck ‘n Chop – Thrown

You can purchase this Blueprint for $6000 from the Weapon Vendor in Old Town Emergency Shelter.

#54 – Glass Knuckles – Melee

The Melee Combo Weapon blueprint can be purchased in the Emergency Shelter in West Ridge from the Weapon Vendor, for $6000.

#55 – Laser Slicer – Ranged

You can buy the final Dead Rising 4 Blueprint from the Weapon Vendor in North Peak Emergency Shelter. It costs $6,000 or $4,800, depending on your unlocked skills.

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