Dead Rising 4 Newspapers Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Rising 4 Newspapers Collectibles Locations Guide – Willamette Mysteries

Dead Rising 4 Newspapers Collectibles Locations Guide – Willamette Mysteries

Dead Rising 4 Newspapers Collectibles Locations Guide
A Newspaper in Dead Rising 4

The Newspapers collectibles in Dead Rising 4 are the things that you must collect to complete the “Willamette Mysteries” quest, similar to the Cellphones and their “Personal Mysteries” quest.

You can see that are 18 Willamette Mysteries from a total of 83 Notebook items. However, rarely does a mystery come with his own Newspaper, in general there are more than 3 that need to be found to solve the notebook entry. This means there are 41 Newspapers scattered on the map.

The Dead Rising 4 Newspapers tell the true story behind the outbreak, and sometimes they even reveal hidden locations which upon investigation will give you new Blueprints. Also, they net you Prestige Points and Money. More than that, they are part of the “Newsie” challenge and the Seasoned Journalist achievement.

Your progress is saved automatically when you pick up a collectible, and you can check the ones that are missing in the Notebook section from the pause menu.

While you can buy maps that reveal the locations of all Newspapers from the Vendors in safe houses, we don’t encourage that since we already compiled some full maps of our own, thus you are saving money.

Moreover, the text hints in our Dead Rising 4 Newspapers guide will point you to the exact location of each collectible. Follow the guide in the same order as below, or check the included videos from our playlist on YouTube.

Willamette Memorial Megaplex Newspapers Locations

Newspaper #1 – Return of the Mall 1/4

You can get the very first Dead Rising 4 Newspaper in the Amazonian Food Court, behind the bar at the Thirsty Amazon which is located in the center of the area.

Newspaper #2 – Friday Friday FRIDAY! 1/3

The next one can be found under the counter in the Miami Boardwalk Raceway store.

Newspaper #3 – Friday Friday FRIDAY! 2/3

At the exit from the Miami Boardwalk is Cameron’s Cameras shop. The Newspaper is behind a fallen shelf on the right side as you enter.

Newspaper #4 – Willamette Time Capsule I

Go to the center of the Caribbean Cove to find the Newspaper in a booth from the Pirate’s Catch Restaurant.

Newspaper #5 – Return of the Mall 2/4

This one is also in the Caribbean Cove, but it’s on the upper level, above Capt’n Hats. Use the yellow staircase then jump on the ledge and walk until you reach the balcony.

Newspaper #6 – Friday Friday FRIDAY! 3/3

To get the Newspaper marked by 6 on our map you have to go to the Colossus Express Couriers Ltd. and search behind the counter, next to a photocopier.

Newspaper #7 – Return of the Mall 3/4

The White Rook Protection store is in the upper section that leads from Caribbean Cove to Kiichiro Plaza. Go inside and to the second floor. Check the shelf in the last office to find the Newspaper collectible.

Newspaper #8 – Return of the Mall 4/4

The last Dead Rising 4 Newspaper in the Memorial Megaplex can be acquired from B. Reddy Insurance which is in the central plaza, near the exit of the mall. It is on the desk inside the office on the left-hand side.

Old Town Newspapers Locations

Dead Rising 4 Old Town Newspapers Locations Map
Old Town Newspapers

Newspaper #9 – Cold Snap 1/2

The Willamette Taxi Company is where you’ll find the first Newspaper collectible in Old Town. Check the tool chest inside the garage.

Newspaper #10 – The Old Town Ripper 1/5

Next, go to Hungry Joe’s Pizza. The Newspaper is in the kitchen, on a metallic shelf next to the rear door.

Newspaper #11 – The Old Town Ripper 2/5

This Newspaper is on a shelf behind the counter of Dodd’s Drugs store.

Newspaper #12 – A Greener Willamette

Head to the westernmost part of the park in Old Town to find the Newspaper marked by 12 on the map. You can find it at the children playground, beneath the stairs.

Newspaper #13 – Family Reunion 1/2

To find the next Newspaper go to the cemetery and check the tower-like structure near the exit to the parking lot behind the church.

Newspaper #14 – Willamette Time Capsule III

First, go to the Weapon Armory in the Emergency Shelter and grab the key that’s on the table. Then head to the Willamette Gazette & Historical Society nearby and use the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer on the wall next to the rear entrance. Now unlock the Zom-B Safe bunker with the key from the shelter and pick up the Newspaper that’s inside.

Newspaper #15 – The Old Town Ripper 3/5

From the previous location, exit through the rear door of the Gazette and check the dumpster behind the building.

Newspaper #16 – The Old Town Ripper 4/5

The next Dead Rising 4 Newspaper is sitting on a couch inside Nobleman’s Barber Shop, left side as you enter.

Newspaper #17 – Cold Snap 2/2

Newspaper number 17 on our map is found inside the Willamette City Hall Archives Zom-B bunker, which is at the back of the archives. The bunker key is on a military table outside, next to the open gate.

Newspaper #18 – The Old Town Ripper 5/5

Above Big Bull’s Meats shop is a Low Income Hotel Room. Use the truck and the fire escape to reach it, then go to the bathroom and pick up the Newspaper that concludes the series.

Newspaper #19 – Willamette Time Capsule IV

Once again, go to the first floor of the Emergency Shelter and collect the key that’s in the First Aid Station room. Next, head to the B. Reddy Insurance Office located on the second floor of the building next to the fire hall. Climb up using the dumpsters and scan the shelf in the offices to reveal the Zom-B Safe. Open it with the key and grab the Newspaper from the bed.

Newspaper #20 – Family Reunion 2/2

Travel to the Tornado Convenience Stop gas station in the north-east side of Old Town. The Newspaper collectible is on a shelf in the far left corner.

Newspaper #21 – Sweet Ride

The final Newspaper in Old Town can be found at the Willamette Impound & Junkyard. Near the middle of the area there are some yellow buses. Enter the yard on the right side and use the military truck to jump on the red cargo container. The collectible is inside the white container.

West Ridge Newspapers Locations

Dead Rising 4 West Ridge Newspapers Locations Map
West Ridge Newspapers

Newspaper #22 – Missed Connection

You can collect the first Dead Rising 4 Newspaper in West Ridge during your first visit to Tom’s farm. It is on the shelves in the workshop attached to the barn.

Newspaper #23 – SurviviCon 1/4

The next Newspaper can be found in the lower level living quarters of the Emergency Shelter. It’s sitting inside a locker in the restrooms.

Newspaper #24 – Baby Shoes

Go to the Tornado Convenience Stop gas station and look on the table with the coffee machines to find another Newspaper collectible.

Newspaper #25 – SurviviCon 2/4

Nearby is The Patriots house. The Newspaper is in the Zom-B Safe bunker hidden in the shed behind the house. The key required to open the bunker can be found in the Emergency Shelter garage.

Newspaper #26 – SurviviCon 3/4

This one can be found inside Chakra Flex Yoga, next to the fitness balls.

Newspaper #27 – SurviviCon 4/4

Go to the Emergency Medical Services Station across the church. The Newspaper is in a locker on the left-hand side as you enter.

Newspaper #28 – Mittens Finds a Home 1/3

Once you open the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community, head to The Hunters Residence, marked by 28 on our map. Check the table in the garage to find the collectible.

Newspaper #29 – Mittens Finds a Home 2/3

The Dojos residence is farther down the street. You can acquire the Dead Rising 4 Newspaper from the kitchen table.

Newspaper #30 – Mittens Finds a Home 3/3

The last Newspaper in the series can be found inside the Golden Apple Vineyards mansion. It is resting on an armchair near the fireplace.

Newspaper #31 – Willamette Time Capsule II

You can get the final Newspaper collectible in West Ridge from the Zom-B underground bunker of the Kent Farms. The key is inside the fruit stand across the street, and the bunker can be accessed in the shed near the house.

North Peak Newspapers Locations

Newspaper #32 – From the Ashes 1/5

On the roof of Rockpile Liquors is the first Newspaper in North Peak, but to get there is a bit tricky. There are two buildings adjacent to the liquor store. Go around them and use the truck to reach the roof. Then, make a seemingly impossible jump to the roof of the smaller building. From there you can take the wooden bridge to the roof of the store.

Newspaper #33 – From the Ashes 2/5

Head to the Ka-Pow! Tires near the fire hall. The Dead Rising 4 Newspaper is on a coffee table in the room behind the counter.

Newspaper #34 – From the Ashes 3/5

Across the street is Nickolls Ink tattoo parlor. You can find the Newspaper in a booth on the right side, under a household cleaner.

Newspaper #35 – Punching President

The next Newspaper is on a trash can behind the counter of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub.

Newspaper #36 – From the Ashes 4/5

Another Newspaper is located inside the Tornado Convenience stop, on the back counter.

Newspaper #37 – From the Ashes 5/5

The final newspaper in From the Ashes series can be found on a bar stool in the central area of the lower levels of the Emergency Shelter.

Newspaper #38 – Vintage Newspapers 1/4

To get this Newspaper you need a vehicle. Use it to jump from the Freytag Furniture Factory into the Kippax construction site. Then drop down a level and grab the collectible that’s on the stack of wood planks.

Newspaper #39 – Vintage Newspapers 2/4

Go to the middle of the train yard to find a bunch of silos. There is a catwalk that runs alongside the silos. Check it to find a Newspaper (near the center).

Newspaper #40 – Vintage Newspapers 3/4

This one is in a freight car at the entrance of the train tracks tunnel. It is marked by number 40 on our map.

Newspaper #41 – Vintage Newspapers 4/4

The last Newspaper in West Ridge can be found in the underground tunnels. It is in the room with the locked locker, just past it, in the lit alcove. Also, this is the final Newspaper in Dead Rising 4 and will complete a trial assuming you followed our guide.

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