Dead Pixels Cheats and Trainers

Dead Pixels Cheats and Trainers

All Dead Pixels cheats revealed by the following video game guide can be activated through a free trainer published on, in order to help players who have purchased the PC version of the action-indie game released on December 7, 2012.

The Dead Pixels trainer can be used on most versions of the video game, and it gives access to four different cheat codes including a cheat code for infinite health and a Dead Pixels cheat code for infinite money.

Dead Pixels players should be aware because the encrypted files included in the trainer’s archive may be reported as harmful by a series of antivirus programs; therefore, players will have to use the program at their own risk.

Dead Pixels was developed and published by CSR-Studios for Xbox 360 and PC, being available for purchase on Steam ($2.99) and Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP).

The plot of the videogame revolves around a zombie invasion produced by a toxic waste spill in the sewers of a fictional city. The toxic waste caused the reanimation of all recently deceased creatures, which eventually attacked the city.

The player’s goal is to escape the city while fighting waves of undead.

While the story in Dead Pixels might look unsophisticated, the gameplay elements have been noticed by multiple critics and reviewers, which awarded positive scores to the title.

Players have at their disposal a large arsenal of weapons and items that can be used to take out the zombies, as well as various explosives, such as grenades.

In fact, the video-game offers more than 100 items, but what makes Dead Pixels different than other indie games is the procedurally generated city or environment. In other words, the city that must be explored in Dead Pixels, changes every time increasing the game’s replay value.

Dead Pixels features a single player mode and a local co-op mode for two players, along with three playing modes and four difficulty modes.

On both platforms (Xbox 360 and PC) players have access to 30 achievements and online leaderboards.

Dead Pixels Trainer for PC

The free Dead Pixels PC trainer on activates the cheats listed below, but to use it players must run the program during the game.

Before starting a game, several steps must be followed:

Download the free Dead Pixels trainer for PC from and extract all files included in Dead_Pixels_+4_Trainer.rar.

Copy the files in the directory where the game was installed and run the trainer.

Start the game and after it loads, while the trainer runs in background, press one of the following keys to activate the desired Dead Pixels PC cheat code.

Dead Pixels Cheats for PC

F9 – Infinite health ON/OFF (God Mode)

F10 – Set infinite ammo ON/OFF

F11 – Set infinite money ON/OFF

F12 – Unlimited medikits

Dead Pixels Cheats and Trainers
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