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Dead Island Video Game Guide: Custom Thrown Weapons

Even if you can throw most objects in Dead Island, not all of them can be considered weapons, especially because their purpose in the game is different.

For example, you can throw a paddle but this doesn’t mean it is a thrown weapon, simply because it was designed as a melee weapon.

A thrown weapon in Dead Island is a small weapon, which inflicts increased damage from distance, and reduced damage in close combat.

One example is the throwing knives which can be equipped by all characters but only Logan is the one trained to use them with increased efficiency, because of his skills.

Other weapons that you can throw at zombies include customized weapons that can be crafted/created, using specific parts and blueprints. The following guide presents some of these weapons, explaining where the find the required blueprints and the materials needed during the crafting process.

Most of the weapons included in the list, are in fact explosive or igniting devices that will set on fire your enemies, inflicting AoE damage.

An exception is the Meat Bait which can also be considered a weapon, even if its purpose is to distract the zombies, not to kill them.

Players who have purchased Dead Island, the video game, can use this guide and learn how to create new weapons in the game, weapons which will eventfully help them to re-establish the peace on Banoi Island.

Custom Thrown Weapons

Sticky Bomb

How to get it: Complete the Drowned Hope quest.
Cost: $50
Base weapons required: Throwing knives
Parts requiredDuct TapeWrist WatchDetergent and Wire
Effect on zombies: They will explode.

Molotov Cocktail

How to get it: During the Born to Be Wild quest, check the parking lot in front of the hotel.
Cost: $50
Base weapons required: None
Parts requiredRag, and Alcohol x2
Effect on zombies: They will burn.

Meat Bait

How to get it: Complete the Drop by Drop quest.
Cost: $50
Base weapons required: None
Parts requiredDuct Tape, and Meat x3
Effect on zombies: They will be distracted.

Deo Bomb

How to get it: Complete the Tell Me Where It Hurts quest.
Cost: $50
Base weapons required: None
Parts requiredDuct Tape, and Deodorant x2
Effect on zombies: They will explode. The deo bomb is in fact a timed bomb.

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