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Dead Island Video Game Guide: Custom Bladed Weapons

The following Dead Island weapons guide reveals several bladed weapons that can be customized in the game, by those players who wish to increase the damage they inflict with the basic bladed weapons found during the exploration of Banoi Island.

In Dead Island, a customized bladed weapon is a normal weapon which was upgraded at a workbench.

To create a customized bladed weapon, players need a blueprint, a basic bladed weapon, money, and several parts that are applied during the upgrade.

The Dead Island blueprints are used to unlock new weapons, and they are usually found at quest-givers. To get more blueprints, players need to complete specific quests, and some of them are revealed below.

The basic weapons can be found while exploring the Island of Banoi, as well as the parts needed for upgrades. When a blueprint is acquired and all the materials are gathered, players must find a workbench which allows them to create the desired weapon, or to repair the weapons they already have.

A basic bladed weapon is a weapon that can cut through flesh.

These weapons can be knives, axes, machetes, etc…

A modified (modded) bladed weapon is a weapon that suffers one or more modifications, following a given pattern (blueprint).

In Dead Island, bladed weapons can be used by all characters; however players should know that only Xian Mei is specialized in this type of weapons, which means that her abilities and skills are related to these weapons (modified or not).

Those players, who already own one or more bladed weapons in Dead Island, can use our guide and learn what materials they need and where to find the blueprints required to modify their weapons, in order to create customized bladed weapons.

Custom Bladed Weapons

Mod: Paralyzing Strike

How to get it: Complete the Picture of Bliss quest.
Cost: $200
Base weapons required: Any bladed weapon (axes, machetes, knives)
Parts requiredDetergent x2 and Oleander x2
Effect on zombies: They will be stunned and will start to vomit.

Mod: Shock

How to get it: Complete the Black Hawk Down quest.
Cost: $200
Base weapons required: Any bladed weapon (axes, machetes, knives)
Parts requiredBattery x2, Duct Tape x2 and Wire x2,
Effect on zombies: They will be electrocuted.

Mod: High Voltage

How to get it: During the Drowned Hope quest, go to the pump station and look near the workbench.
Cost: $400
Base weapons required: Any bladed weapon (axes, machetes, knives)
Parts requiredBattery x3, Duct Tape x2, Wire x2 and Electronic Scrap x 2
Effect on zombies: Same as the Shock Mod, but more powerful.

Mod: Toxic

How to get it: During the Sacred Silence quest, check Helen’s desk.
Cost: $600
Base weapons required: Any bladed weapon (axes, machetes, knives)
Parts requiredFlexible Hose x2, Oleander x3, Detergent x3, Suicider Meat x2 and Lemon Juice x2
Effect on zombies: Zombies will start to vomit and they will be stunned.

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