Dead Island Riptide Cheats and Trainers

Dead Island Riptide Cheats and Trainers

The Dead Island Riptide trainer revealed by the following video game guide was published by on April 25, 2013 for fans of the game who wish to activate 16 Dead Island Riptide cheats, or cheat codes; and according to its developer, the megatrainer was created for the cracked version of the videogame.

The Dead Island Riptide mega trainer works exclusively on the PC version of the video game and can’t be used to cheat in Dead Island Riptide for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

Additionally, the mega-trainer requires Dead Island Riptide v1.4.0 and it isn’t compatible with the game’s prequel (Dead Island) released in 2011, or with its DLCs known as Dead Island Bloodbath Arena and Dead Island Ryder White.

The free Dead Island Riptide trainer offered by, grants access to various cheat codes that can help players during their adventures on Palanai Island.

The complete list of Dead Island Riptide cheats as well as instructions on how to use the trainer that activates them can be found in the game guide below.

Dead Island Riptide is an action role-playing survival horror developed by Techland for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It was released on April 23, 2013, being published by Deep Silver and distributed by Square Enix.

The story in Dead Island Riptide revolves around the main characters from the previous videogame of the series, Logan Carter, Sam B, Xian Mei and Purna; but the action takes place on a different island known as Palanai, where the four survivors arrive after they escape from Banoi Island.

The gameplay retains many elements from the first game in the franchise, such as weapons, zombies, and even some of the skills and abilities that can be unlocked to improve a character’s efficiency in combat.

Using the materials found on the island, players can create their custom weapons, divided in several categories, similar to those available in the prequel: thrown weapons, blunt weapons, bladed weapons, and custom guns.

Since Dead Island Riptide is an open-world video game, players have full access to most areas of the island, being able to explore it, find, and retrieve, a large number of collectables; however, unlike the collectibles from the first Dead Island game (the colored skulls), in Dead Island Riptide the hidden collectibles can also be divided in categories: Recordings, Diaries, Secret Files, Island Guides, and hidden Postcards.

For acquiring all Dead Island Riptide items, players can earn additional experience points and they can unlock a series of achievements and trophies.

Even if Dead Island Riptide was one of the most expected video games of 2013, after its official release the title received mixed scores from reviewers, most of them criticizing the game’s bugs and glitches that can also be observed in the first game.

On IGN, Dead Island Riptide received 7.2 points out of 10, but on Joystiq the game received only 2 stars out of 5.

How to cheat in Dead Island Riptide on PC

Fans of the video game known as Dead Island Riptide can activate the cheats below, only by downloading the trainer from and running the game version required by the program.

To cheat in Dead Island Riptide for PC using this specific trainer, players should follow several steps, being aware that some antivirus programs may block the trainer because it contains encrypted files.

Download the free Dead Island Riptide trainer from and extract all files includes in Dead.Island_Riptide.v1.0.(1.4.0).Plus.16.Trainer-FLiNG.rar.

Copy/move all files in the game’s directory, and then run the trainer.

Start the game while the trainer runs in background, and press the following keys to activate the corresponding Dead Island Riptide cheats.

List of Dead Island Riptide Cheats for PC

Numpad 1 – Infinite health cheat On/Off

Numpad 2 – Infinite stamina cheat On/Off

Numpad 3 – Infinite ammo cheat On/Off

Numpad 4 – Set no reload cheat On/Off

Numpad 5 – Infinite fury cheat On/Off

Numpad 6 – Infinite fury mode duration On/Off

Numpad 7 – Infinite skill points cheat On/Off

Numpad 8 – Infinite weapon duration On/Off

Numpad 9 – Infinite battery cheat On/Off

Numpad + – Turn super accuracy On/Off

Numpad – – Turn no recoil On/Off

Numpad 0 – Turn one hit kill cheat On/Off

F1 – F2 – F3 – F4 – Multiply the amount of money earned by 2-4-8-16

F5 – F6 – F7 – F8 – Multiply the amount of experience earned by 2-4-8-16

F10 – Set infinite money cheat On/Off

F11 – Set infinite experience cheat On/Off

Dead Island Riptide Cheats and Trainers
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