Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats and Trainers

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats and Trainers

The following cheating guide introduces a trainer that can be used by those who have purchased the Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC and wish to cheat it on PC, by activating several Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats for PC.

Even if the cheating method presented below, looks similar to the one used to cheat the original version of the game, Dead Island players and fans should know that both trainers are different; meaning that the megatrainer created for Bloodbath Arena (and all Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats activated through it) will not work with Dead Island, unless the DLC is installed, and they are not compatible with Dead Island Ryder White DLC or with the second game of the franchise (Dead Island: Riptide).

Additionally, the trainer was tested on 64-Bit operating systems, and it may not work on all platforms.

Released on November 23, 2011, Bloodbath Arena is the DLC pack developed by Techland for Dead Island, the horror action-adventure video game published by Deep Silver in 2011.

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena is available on Steam and PSN for $9, 99 (in US), 9, 99€ (in Europe) and £7, 99 (in UK). The Xbox 360 version of the game costs 800 Microsoft Points and can be downloaded via the marketplace.

The DLC is free for all who have purchased the Pre-order Edition of Dead Island.

Bloodbath Arena introduces four new arenas that can be accessed to defeat endless waves of zombies in the single-player mode or side by side with a friend in order to collect new items and gain additional experience.

All items collected can be transferred in the campaign mode as well as the experience cumulated in Blood Bath. The DLC also features 10 new achievements and trophies that can be unlocked by players.

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats and Trainers for PC

To cheat while playing Bloodbath Arena on PC, players need a trainer that can be downloaded from After the trainer is downloaded, it must run in  background, during the game.

The program activates several options (Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats), similar to normal cheat codes. To install the trainer, players will have to follow these steps:

Download the trainer from

Extract all files included in the gghz-dibbaup3trn.rar archive

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Run the trainer, then the game

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats List

When the game starts, press the following keys to activate the corresponding Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats:

NUMPAD0 – Infinite health (God Mode/Invulnerability).

NUMPAD1 – Unlimited Stamina.

NUMPAD2 – Unlimited ammo.

NUMPAD3 – Unlimited money.

NUMPAD4 – +1000 XP Points. For each kill, the character’s experience increases by 1000.

NUMPAD5 – No weapon damage.

NUMPAD6 – Infinite batteries in the flashlight.

NUMPAD7 – One hit kills.

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Cheats and Trainers
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