Dead Block Cheats and Trainers

Dead Block Cheats and Trainers

Most Dead Block cheats that can be triggered to beat the video game developed by Candygun Games, require trainers, but not all of them work; therefore, the following tutorial introduces a free Dead Block PC trainer developed for v1.0.

The trainer can be used to activate seven PC cheats, including a Dead Block cheat for infinite health, one for unlimited money, and one for unlimited resources required to build barricades and other traps.

Since the trainer was developed and tested on Dead Block v1.0, players should be aware that it may not work on other versions of the videogame, and because it is a PC exclusive trainer, it can’t be used to cheat in Dead Block for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Dead Block is a third-person action game published by Digital Reality for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, being available for download on PSN, XBLA and GamersGate. The events in Dead Block, take place in the 1950s after a zombie outbreak caused by a new musical style, the rock n’ roll, which have transformed most citizens into zombies.

Three characters, however, were able to survive the apocalypse, and their role is to fight the undead, using their unique skills and abilities. The list of playable characters in Dead Block includes Mike Bacon (a boy scout), Jack Foster (a construction worker), and a maid known as Foxy Jones.

Together, the protagonists must find a way to resist the invasion and repel waves of zombies. Dead Block combines the gameplay elements of a third-person shooter with those of a tower-defense video game.

The single-player mode features 10 levels, and 8 additional levels that can be accessed in the multiplayer mode. Using the materials found during a mission, players can build barricades and protect specific zones, which are attacked by zombies.

Each character is equipped with unique weapons, such as the sledgehammer wielded by Jack, and the shotgun used by Foxy.

Dead Block PC Trainer

Players, who wish to try the Dead Block PC cheats below, will have to use the free trainer provided by, because the program must run in background during the game.

Therefore, the Dead Block megatrainer must be downloaded and then installed, following several easy steps:

Get the free Dead Block trainer from and unpack all files bw-dbp7.rar.

Next, run the trainer by launching the executable file with admin rights if needed.

Run the game, and load a level.

When the game starts, press the keys below to toggle the desired Dead Block cheat codes on or off.

Dead Block Cheats for PC

F1 – Infinite health cheat (God Mode).

F2 – Toggle super smash cheat ON/OFF.

F3 – Toggle super speed cheat ON/OFF.

Numpad 1 – Unlimited materials (wood, cryo,etc…).

Numpad 2 – Remove cooldown for all weapons.

Numpad 3 – Add 50 coins to the current amount of money (money cheat).

Numpad 4– Super barricades. The barricades you build are stronger.

Dead Block Cheats and Trainers
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