Dating a Gamer Girl: Why and How to

There is a popular stereotype about gamers: all of them are necessarily untidy geeks obsessed with games and living in their fantasy worlds. However, playing video games is a very good hobby. Yes, it may take a lot of time. But the fact that it takes a quick mind, good memory and reaction to go from level to level proves that only smart people have this kind of passion. And if a girl tells you that she likes playing video games, don’t freak out thinking that she is a reclusive psycho. She has all chances to become your best girlfriend, irrespective of whether you are a gamer or not. Here are the perks of dating a gamer girl.

She is good at dealing with guys. She can be a feminine girl wearing nice dresses but she is a “buddy” deep down. Probably, she started her hobby in her childhood or adolescence and this was due to her brothers or male friends she wanted to fit in with. Odds are she gets on with the opposite sex pretty well. The important thing here is to show her that you view her as a girl and a potential date, not as your buddy.

She is broad-minded and erudite. Gamers don’t just blindly play games for the sake of playing. They are interested in the history, heroes, related books and movies. Often, reading is their another hobby. Many studies prove that gamers are smarter than average people. At least for the reason that they keep up with the latest technologies, because gaming is all about tools.

She has a great sense of humor. A developed sense of humor is a result of erudition and the ability to look at the problem from another angle. It’s a very precious skill that helps people involved in competitions. Most games contain a lot of humorous details and gamers can appreciate and laugh at them. Her intelligence and consideration will give her enough tact not to crack gamer jokes if you’re not into this field.

She is success-oriented. Games train not only the sharpness of mind and strategic thinking. Players learn never to give up and embrace defeats. If a gamer girl falls for you, she won’t stop until she wins your heart.

She needs personal space. And she already respects yours. Gaming is her passion and it requires some alone time. She will love spending time with you, but she’ll need some time to dedicate to her hobby. She also realizes that you have your passion, so she will never reproach you for having time for yourself.

You know what she’s doing when you’re not together. If you’re not on a date, you know she has things to do and you know which particular things. Playing video games, of course. It gives you a high level of confidence and trust, which are very important in a relationship.

She is attentive to detail. This is what she learned playing video games. Important cues are usually not very obvious, so you need to be attentive to spot them. This skill helps gamers in real life. They use it to spot the changes in your mood or read your body language.

You have a lot of gift options. If you want to buy a present for her, you don’t have to wrack your brain over it. Anything related to gaming will do. It’s very likely that she’ll mention some device she really wants to have. It can be a super comfortable multifunctional gaming chair, new headsets or a new game.

When you start dating a gamer girl, you should get rid of all possible stereotypes about gamers. After all, it’s just her hobby, part of her lifestyle. If you’re a gamer too, don’t try to make her your gaming buddy. You’re interested in her as in your romantic partner, so treat her like a girlfriend. Go on typical dates and don’t think that staying in, playing games, and eating pizza is her dream date.

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