Darksiders II The Shattered Forge Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Shattered Forge Collectibles

In Darksiders II, The Shattered Forge is a dungeon with four levels, located on the western coast of the Forge Lands.

Inside, players can find a very easy to miss Darksiders II collectible, which is in fact a Book of the Dead Page, needed to complete the Book of the Dead chapters required by Vulgrim.

The Darksiders 2 Shattered Forge dungeon is located north of The Fjord and west of The Shadow Gorge.

The following Darksiders II collectibles’ guide explains where to find all collectables in The Shattered Forge.

The guide includes maps containing the exact location of each collectible, tips on how to get them, and how to solve the puzzles that may appear in this specific area.

Book of the Dead Page Location

This is probably the most easy to miss page from The Forge Lands, because if we don’t want to go to The Shattered Forge for a side-quest we won’t find it, and it’s also very well hidden inside a vase.

After we clear the yellow Corruption in the room with the Skeleton Key door we need to follow the path above (opposite direction from the bomb) until we trigger a cutscene in which we can see the yellow flying skulls.

At this point we are ambushed by some yellow monsters.

After the fight we need to break the vases in one of the room’s corners to get another Book of the Dead page (it is the room right before the chest with the Skeleton Key).

Darksiders II The Shattered Forge Collectibles Map

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