Darksiders II The Maker's Forge Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Maker’s Forge Collectibles

Located south of Stonefather’s Vale, The Maker’s Forge is probably one of the most important areas in The Forge Lands zone from Darksiders II, because it serves as a safe point where Death, will have the chance to meet multiple quest-givers and traders.

Even if The Maker’s Forge isn’t a dungeon, and there are no monsters in this area, we have the chance to look for additional Darksiders II collectibles, as long as we know their locations.

Since The Maker’s Forge becomes available later in the video game, after we complete a series of quests for Alya and her brother, it is a good idea, to begin our search after we receive Redemption (Strife’s pistol) and the Lure Stone from Blackroot.

While the first item is a reward from Alya, the second must be retrieved from a trader in The Fjord.

With these two items, Death can acquire the Mystic Stonebites revealed by the map below.

The following game guide is one part in the full Darksiders II collectibles’ guide created with the purpose of helping those who wish to find all collectables in Darksiders 2; and it refers to The Maker’s Forge.

Mystic Stonebite Location

In the large rounded room from The Maker’s Forge (where Alya, her brother and the Creator are located) there is a big furnace.

If we go downstairs behind it, and look above, we can find another Darksiders II Stone of Mystics, also known as a Mystic Stonebite.

Darksiders II The Maker's Forge Collectibles Map

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