Darksiders II The Ivory Citadel Floor 3 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Ivory Citadel Collectibles

A large number of Darksiders II collectibles can also be found while exploring The Ivory Citadel, one of most important areas in Lostlight.

Death arrives to The Ivory Citadel with the help of the Archon, and the imposable building features four levels and multiple puzzles.

While playing this stage in Darksiders II we make sure we use the maps included in the following guide, to determine the locations of all collectibles inside.

An important item can also be found in The Ivory Citadel. It is one of GnoMAD’s Gnomes, and its location is also revealed below.

The Ivory Citadel includes 14 collectibles which have been arranged in the guide, based on the citadel’s floors where they have been found.

For each level, a customized maps have been created to show the exact locations of all collectables.

The Ivory Citadel is located north-west of The Crystal Spire.

Second Stone of Mystics Location

When we arrive at the circular structure (1st floor) after using the light to cleanse the Corruption, instead of dropping down to activate the Voidwalker point, we take a look at the beginning of the spiral staircase, right above the arcade, to spot a Stone of Mystics.

Second Relic of Etu-Goth Location

When the water is cleansed for the third and final time, the central door behind the four waterfalls is opened (1st floor). Immediately after entering this door we check behind the left statue to find a Relic of Etu-Goth.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

When we arrive in the circular room (second floor) beneath the room with the Skeleton Key door (after we fight with some powerful enemies) we go outside using the left path, and on the left side, there is a Book of the Dead Page hidden behind Corruption.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

The page is in the area where we need to use the light to cleanse the water for the third time (second floor). After a fight with the new type of enemy that can teleport, we exit the circular area and we go towards the light device that is active, all the way to the end where the road is broken and we can go no further.

To our right side we can find another Book of the Dead page.

First Mystics Stonebite Location

When we climb to the second floor via a hole in the ceiling at the end of a small tunnel coming from the outside area, instead of following the path, we need to turn around and do a wall run in order to reach a small area with a chest.

We turn around while facing the chest to see a Stone of Mystics on the window there.

Second Power Stonebite Location

When we’re solving the puzzle to activate the water cleansing for the third time, we need to make use of some rotating levers (second floor).

At the second rotating lever, while facing the Voidwalker point below, we take a careful look at the top of the rocks to our right, because there is a Stone of Power on them.

Second Relic of Renagoth Location

The second Relic of Renagoth is in the same area where we need to push the yellow lever (second floor) in order to open the path that leads back in the room beneath the room with the Skeleton Key door.

As we activate the lever, we turn back and on the right side of the bridge we see the relic.

GnoMAD’s Gnome Location

The GnoMAD’s Gnome can only be acquired after we cleansed the water using the light from the room with the Skeleton Key door.

In order to get it we need to backtrack a little bit and go again in the area with the chest that contains the Skeleton Key (north side of the western part of the 2nd floor).

Here are two holes in the wall that leads to a sewer system that was previously inaccessible because of the corrupted water. We enter through any of the holes and inside we can find a very rare GnoMAD’s Gnome collectible.

First Power Stonebite Location

When we enter the balcony of the central room on the 3rd floor, we’ll notice a huge statue . On the chest of that statue is a Stone of Power that can be collected.

First Resistance Stonebite Location

Immediately when we enter the Skeleton Key door, we need to look to the right side, above the canal. At the top of the arcade is a Stone of Resistance.

Second Resistance Stonebite Location

When we enter the central door from 1st floor (the one that’s opened after the water is cleansed three times), we have to use some Voidwalker points to get above. We activate the first point and the one above it we activate it with high velocity.

We use the point to arrive to a higher location, but instead of activating the point on the opposite wall, we take a look on the left (while facing the point below us) and we see that another Voidwalker point is accessible through a crack in the wall.

We activate that one and the one at ground level, and we use it to reach a hidden room with a chest. In this room, next to the crack in the wall, is a Stone of Resistance.

Or we can use the Voidwalker points all the way to the top and, while facing the door, the broken wall is clearly visible to our left.

First Relic of Etu-Goth Location

After we cleansed the water from the room with the Skeleton Key door, we take the path down the canal to our right (the one that leads north), and behind the first waterfall we can find a Relic of Etu-Goth.

First Relic of Renagoth Location

When we cleanse the Corruption from the water (3rd floor), we need to go down via the canal. After the second drop we turn around to find a Relic of Renagoth behind the waterfall.

Relic of Khagoth Location

After we solve the puzzle to cleanse the water for the third time, in the room with the final light device (the biggest circular area from the north side of the 3rd floor) we can find an extremely rare Relic of Khagoth behind some corruption there.

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