Darksiders II The Charred Pass Collectibles Map

Darksiders II The Charred Pass Collectibles

As we travel south from Baneswood towards the Darksiders 2 dungeon called The Cauldron, we will have to cross The Charred Pass, another important zone that must be explored if we wish to find all Darksiders II hidden collectibles.

The Charred Pass is a larger area, and within it, we can find several Mystics Stonebites and Power Stonebites required by Blackroot.

If we already have Redemption (Strife’s pistol),the Deathgrip, and the Lure Stone, the collectibles in The Charred Pass can be picked up immediately, but if we don’t, we must wait until we get the items from Blackroot and for completing the quest in The Foundry.

In the following guide we can find the collectibles hidden in Darksiders 2 The Charred Pass, along with a map revealing their locations, and hints on how to get them.

The guide was created with the purpose of helping all Darksiders 2 players who wish to find all Stones of Mystics (blue shards) and all Stones of Powers (red shards).

First Stone of Mystics Location

In the large area of The Charred Pass, at the entrance of the path leading to The Scar, we look above to see a Stone of Mystics/Mystic Stonebite hanging from a rock.

Second Stone of Mystics Location

As soon as we enter the narrow path leading to The Cauldron, we look for a small construction to the left. We climb to the top to reach a chest.

Before we open the chest, we enter a small room to the right to collect another Darksiders 2 Stone of Mystics.

First Stone of Power Location

In the large area of The Charred Pass, after we pass the wooden logs, we go right until we can see an old well.

We swim inside and go below the ground in order to reach a hidden chamber with a chest.

We climb near the chest and look behind us. We use the pistol to get a  new Darksiders 2 Stone of Power or Power Stonebite.

Second Stone of Power Location

This one is a little tricky to get, because we can easily miss it and it also requires Death’s Deathgrip. The Stone of Power is located in the area where we find Oran’s left arm for the Wandering Stone quest.

Using the Deathgrip we climb on top of the ruins which allow us to enter The Scar dungeon.

While standing at the entrance we look up and we can see a broken pipe.

Inside is a glowing red shard. We shoot it down using Strife’s gun to get a new Darksiders II Power Stonebite.

Darksiders II The Charred Pass Collectibles Map

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