Darksiders II Phariseer's Tomb Floor 4 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Phariseer’s Tomb Collectibles

Multiple Darksiders II collectables can also be found when we reach the Phariseer’s Tomb in The Kingdom of the Dead, and the following game guide was created exclusively for this specific dungeon, with the purpose of showing where to look for the Darksiders II Phariseer’s Tomb collectibles.

The collectibles’ guide below includes maps for each floor in the Phariseer’s Tomb that contain the items we are looking for, such as Book of the Dead Pages, Stonebites and Relics.

For each of these important Darksiders II items, a specific symbol was added to the game’s map, to show the exact locations that must be visited by players who wish to find them.

To use the map, we make sure that we first identify the collectible’s symbol, and then the dungeon’s floor where the item is located.

In Darksiders 2, the Phariseer’s Tomb can be fund in The Maw, south of Sentinel’s Gaze.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

In the room at the end of the 4th floor (the room after the second elevator) is a chest in front of a large statue.

We need to get behind that statue to find the Book of the Dead Page.

Mystics Stonebite Location

When we reach the room with the second elevator ( 4th floor), we need to look to our right side, and on a wall we can spot a Darksiders II Stone of Mystics (blue shard).

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

After we activate the second elevator and go down to 1st floor, we take the path that’s right in front of us (not the green doors) and near the chasm is a climbable wall to the left.

We use the Deathgrip to climb up and then we collect another Book of the Dead Page in Phariseer’s Tomb.

Power Stonebite Location

In the last room of the 3rd floor (eastern room on the map), we find a Stone of Power on the head of a large statue.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

In the room of the 3rd floor where we need to fight some enemies (the room with many pillars), we have to smash some crates on the right side to reveal a Relic of Etu-Goth featured in Darksiders II.

It is better to smash all the crates in that room if we have trouble finding it.

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