Darksiders II Judicator's Tomb Floor 4 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Judicator’s Tomb Collectibles

The Judicator’s Tomb in Darksiders II is a dungeon located north of The Spine, and probably the richest area when it comes to finding all Darksiders II collectibles.

Death travels to the Judicator’s Tomb during one of the main quests he must complete; therefore, we will inevitably enter this specific dungeon.

Since the Judicator’s Tomb includes numerous collectibles, we make sure that we investigate all floors, using the maps below and the instructions that will eventually help us locate each collectable faster.

When we search for a collectable in Darksiders II Judicator’s Tomb, we remember to check the floors displayed by the dungeon’s map, which must coincide with those presented in this guide.

Additionally, the maps contain several custom symbols that have been added to help us separate the collectibles we can find in the dungeon. A Book of the Dead Page for example, is marked by a yellow square, while a Stone of Power by a red diamond.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

In the second tower (1st floor), after the fight against a boss, we need to use Interdiction in a room, on a pressure plate, to activate some points on the wall.

After we get near that pressure plate, we go in the small corridor behind it and on the left side we see a Darksiders II Book of the Dead Page.

Power Stonebite Location

The Power Stonebite can be acquired after we activate the first lever (1st floor). As soon as we enter the room, we need to take a look at the hanging cage to the left, to spot a Stone of Power.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

After we unlock the Skeleton Key door from the second tower (2nd floor) we will go in a circular area with water. We need to climb up the central structure in there, but before using the second point for Deathgrip, we take a look to the right side to see a Book of the Dead page.

This can be tricky, because to get it, we use the Deathgrip point and grab the point on the wall, but instead of going where the camera points, we try to jump to Death’s right side to land near the page.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

When we activate the lever in the second tower (2nd floor), a cutscene shows us that a grappling point for the Deathgrip is created in one of the walls.

We need to drop through the hole behind the lever and into the initial area. From here we go to the right of the point where we used Interdiction and climb above using the Deathgrip. Below the chest there is another Relic of Etu-Goth collectible.

Relic of Khagoth Location

In the first tower (2nd floor), after we activate the beam of light, we arrive in an area with water.

We swim underwater and circle around the structure in the center until we reach the area under the stairs. Here is an extremely rare Darksiders II Relic of Khagoth.

Third Book of the Dead Page Location

At the top of the third tower (4th floor), before entering the final room, we need to go around the guard rail where we can find another Book of the Dead Page.

Mystics Stonebite Location

At the top of the third tower, (4th floor) in the final room, immediately after we go inside we turn right and the Stone of Mystics is right above us.

We shoot it down with Strife’s pistol.

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