Darksiders II Earth Level B3 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Earth Collectibles

When Death enters Lostlight, in Darksiders II the video game, he has the chance to travel to Earth, where a new series of Darksiders II collectibles can be located, if we wish to complete all side-quests.

The Earth sub-zone from Lostlight includes multiple levels, but the maps below, help us locate all collectibles faster, while the associated instructions can be used to solve all puzzles we may encounter.

In Darksiders II Earth area, we can find five Book of the Dead Pages for Vulgrim, seven Stonebites for Blackroot, and three Lost Relics for Ostegoth. Once we get these important artifacts, we can return to the quest-givers and trade them for various rewards.

The collectibles in this specific area have been arranged depending on the floors on which they can be found.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

On the first floor, if we continue to go on the main path, eventually we’ll come across an area with many red crystals, right before we need to go in the tunnel underground.

Behind the first crystal to the right is a Book of the Dead Page.

Third Book of the Dead Page Location

After we speak for the second time with the angel and the path forward is cleared (1st floor), as soon as we enter the sewers (the large pipe), we need to check our left side to collect a Book of the Dead Page.

Fourth Book of the Dead Page Location

When we go outside again (after exiting the building with many hospital beds inside, on the first floor), in the corner of the intersection is a building with broken windows that has an accessible ground floor.

We go inside to collect another Book of the Dead Page.

First Stone of Mystics Location

After we speak to the angel for the first time (first floor), we turn to the left, and at the corner of the building that’s in front of us (north on the map) is a Stone of Mystics.

Second Stone of Mystics Location

Immediately after we exit the sewers we take a look at the building to our right, and on one of the windows it has a Stone of Mystics.

Fourth Stone of Mystics Location

When we’re crossing the underneath section of the large bridge (first floor) over the water, we’ll see that a part of the street to our left is broken.

If we take a look at one end of the support pole over there, we’ll notice that it has a Stone of Mystics attached to it.

First Stone of Power Location

At the end of the first part of the tunnel, we turn around and go in the area where a chest is shown on the map (the other lane of the tunnel) and we shot the Stone of Power that is above the chest, on the tunnel’s ceiling.

Stone of Resistance Location

Before dropping down in the large rounded area (the road that leads down from the location of the fourth page), we take a look at the wall to the right side to spot a Stone of Resistance.

First Relic of Renagoth Location

When we exit from the sewers, we need to take a right at the first intersection, and instead of going in the building that’s at the next corner, we go again to the right and walk until the road ends to collect a Relic of Renagoth.

Second Stone of Power Location

Immediately when we go down to Floor 2 level from Floor 3 level, we need to check the wall in front of us, at the balcony level, to see another Stone of Power.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

After getting the final piece of the rod, in the middle of the third floor is a chest. If we turn around while facing the chest we’ll notice that, in the debris, near the broken wall, is a Relic of Etu-Goth.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

Exactly after we obtain the first rod piece, we need to take the stairs to the surface, but at the end of the first set of stairs, on a pipe above us, is another Book of Dead Page.

In order to get it we need to use the Deathgrip.

Fifth  Book of the Dead Page Location

After collecting the second rod piece and exiting the car tunnel, we need to go and talk again with the angel.

While walking towards the angel, we need to keep an eye on the left side, because at the base of the bridge is a Book of the Dead Page (this area is lower than the main street’s level).

Third Stone of Mystics Location

In the large room underground (Basement 1), while standing on the bridge in the middle of the room, facing that green door on the wall, we take a look at the left corner of the ceiling to spot a Stone of Mystics.

Second Relic of Renagoth Location

The Relic of Renagoth is in the large room underground (Basement 1), at the opposite side of the two chests that are on the map in the small room, behind a red crystal.

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