Darksiders II City of the Dead Floor 4 Collectibles Map

Darksiders II City of the Dead Collectibles

In Darksiders II City of the Dead dungeon we can find exactly nine Darksiders II collectibles, and the following guide explains where to look for them, in order to collect them faster.

When it comes to collectibles, City of the Dead is a rich dungeon, meaning that while we explore it, we can find four Book of the Dead Pages, two Stonebites, two Lost Relics and a very important collectible, called GnoMAD’s Gnome.

The latter item is in fact the first Darksiders II Gnome we can collect without having to turn back to other areas.

The maps below and the instructions included in our Darksiders II City of the Dead collectibles’ guide, explain how to locate each and every collectable in this specific dungeon.

The guide also comes with hints on how to solve any puzzles that may appear in City of the Dead.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

A cutscene with some enemies will appear in the second room (1st floor). After we defeat them, we need to go to the right side of the entrance to collect the Book of the Dead Page that is in that corner.

Third Book of the Dead Page Location

After we return the green lantern in the statue’s hand (first floor), we turn the statue to its right side (so that the light beam would face south) in order to open a door leading to another Book of the Dead Page.

Relic of Renagoth Location

When we enter the room with the Skeleton Key door (third room, 1st floor), we need to go to the opposite end, where the locked door is (the red door on the map), and as soon as we go down the stairs we turn to our right to see a Relic of Renagoth hidden in the steam.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

The second page can be located after we go through the Skeleton door (second floor), and at the top, where we need to activate the rotating lever, while facing it, we go to the right to get the Book of the Dead page that’s standing in that corner.

Power Stonebite Location

After we cross the L-shaped bridge on the 2nd floor using the Soul Splitter, we take one form on the path to the right until we reach a room with a chest.

In that room, on the wall, to the chest’s left side (our right if we’re facing the chest) is a Stone of Power.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

The relic is on the 2nd floor, on the outside area where we need to use the Soul Splitter to activate a lever and rotate an L-shaped bridge.

We turn our back to the lever so we can see the Relic of Etu-Goth standing in a corner, in the left side.

Resistance Stonebite Location

Immediately after we exit on the outside area of the 3rd floor, we turn to our right side to see a tower with two windows.

At the top of the upper window is a Darksiders II Stone of Resistance.

Fourth Book of the Dead Page Location

Immediately after entering the second Skeleton Key door (on Floor 4), we smash all the crates to the left side to collect another Book of the Dead Page.

GnoMAD’s Gnome Location

The first extremely rare collectible (1 of 4) that we can acquire in the game, called GnoMAD’s Gnome, can be found in the City of the Dead. As soon as we reach the 4th level we need to use the Soul Splitter to solve a puzzle.

Instead of activating the Soul Splitter on the pressure plate located there, we activate it near it. We put one form one the pressure plate in order to rotate two wall parts, one with a Deathgrip point and one with a wooden ledge.

We climb with the other form on the rotating wall with the ledge and then we switch to the first form and we take it off the pressure plate.

The wall will rotate with the other form still hanging on it, and doing so, we will get to a secret area. We go downstairs in the secret area, and near a chest there is this ultra-rare Darksiders II collectible.

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