Darksiders II Boneriven Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Boneriven Collectibles

As we explore the Sentinel’s Gaze dungeon featured in the Kingdom of the Dead zone from Darksiders II, we will reach a massive structure which allows us to enter a secondary dungeon, called Boneriven.

In Darksiders II, the video game, Boneriven is an area in which we can find a Mystic Stonebite, we can trade with Blackroot.

The following video game guide, refers strictly to the Boneriven area from Darksiders II, and explains where to find the collectibles hidden inside it.

With the help of the map below, we can locate the Darksiders II Mystic Stonebite from Boneriven faster, and the associated instructions help us learn how to enter the dungeon.

Boneriven, is the final Darksiders II Kingdom of the Dead area included in our full collectibles’ guide, since the next series of collectibles can be located after Death travels to Lostlight, which is the third major zone in the video game.

Mystics Stonebite Location

At the top of the central structure in Sentinel’s Gaze is a chest.

Behind that chest is a hole that leads to another dungeon, called Boneriven.

After we use the Soul Splitter to open a door, we take the left path (the higher one) in order to reach the next floor.

Right as we go down from the ledge, in the room with a lot of enemies, we take a look at one of the pointed rocks to spot a Stone of Mystics.

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