Darksiders II Baneswood Collectibles Map

Darksiders II Baneswood Collectibles

Baneswood is a Darksiders II region located east of The Weeping Crag, south of The Nook and north of The Charred Pass, and as most areas included in the video game, it contains several Darksiders 2 collectibles that can be found by Death.

The following Darksiders 2 video game guide reveals the collectibles in Baneswood, offering information and hints regarding their locations; however, we have to remember that the Darksiders 2 Stones of Mystics as well as other items of value, located in specific areas, require Strife’s Pistol, the Lure Stone from Blackroot and Death’s Deathgrip.

The Darksiders 2 Baneswood collectibles’ locations are displayed on the map included below, where each Darksiders II collectable has been marked, to help us find them faster.

Book of the Dead Page Location

A Darksiders II Book of the Dead Page can be found behind the large statue located in the eastern side of the Baneswood area.

First Stone of Mystics Location

The first Darksiders II Stone of Mystics in this zone can be found in the ruined building to the left of the path, as soon as we enter Baneswood from The Weeping Crag.

We go inside the building and climb up to open a chest. Before going down, we look behind us, while facing the chest and shoot the stone.

Second Stone of Mystics Location

Another Darksiders 2 Stone of Mystics can be found on the right side of the building in which we have collected the first one. We walk north until we can turn left to climb a raised field and go to the north-west corner of the area.

Third Stone of Mystics Location

As soon as we exit the larger area of Baneswood in order to go to The Charred Pass, we go right and climb a hill. Here we can find a circular structure where we can open a chest.

If we look above us we can find blue shard.

Fourth Stone of Mystics Location

As we navigate down the path to The Charred Pass we will come across a building (to the left) which has a statue inside and a chest. We climb up in order to reach the Stone of Mystics located high above, in the far left corner of the building.

Darksiders II Baneswood Collectibles Map

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