Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark PDAs Locations Guide

More than 50 Dark PDAs can be found and retrieved while playing the video game developed by Realmforge Studios, but only 7 of them are required to unlock the Data Collector achievement; and the following videogame guide reveals their locations, in order to help players who wish to find as many PDAs as possible.

The PDAs hidden in Dark, the video game, play an important role even if players need just seven to get the corresponding achievement.

This type of collectibles; however, can help players who wish to get other achievements, since they award XP (experience points).

In other words, the hidden Dark PDAs serve as a support for those who need additional experience points, but they fail to get the maximum amount while playing a mission. In Dark, experience points are required to unlock new skills and abilities for Eric.

The easiest way to get more XP in Dark, is to complete a mission without raising the alarms, and without alerting the enemies encountered; but since mistakes can happen, at the end of a mission the amount of XP points is lowered if players alarm their enemies.

Because of this, players can opt to locate and retrieve a series of hidden devices known as PDAs. On the other hand, those who only wish to get the Data Collector achievement can opt to find the seven hidden PDAs, and play the game without searching for the remaining collectibles.

Nevertheless, players have to be aware that Eric’s skills allow them to adopt new strategies later in the game, while taking out stronger opponents; therefore, it is recommended to find the hidden PDAs as fast as possible.

The Data Collector achievement is one of the 21 achievements featured in Dark, and players will be able to unlock it during the first chapter of the video game, but for the Caine achievement, players must learn all Vampiric Powers.

These powers require XP, and the hidden PDAs are a good source for additional experience points.

The video game features six chapters; therefore our Dark PDAs locations guide was divided in six parts. Our guide starts with Chapter 1.

Dark PDAs Locations Guide
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