Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark Chapter 6 PDAs Locations

Dark Chapter 6 takes Eric to the M17 Base, where he must confront the leader of the vampire hunters, and save Rose.

M17 Base is the final chapter of the video game and while playing it, you can collect the remaining PDAs.

Assuming that you have followed our Dark PDAs locations guide up to this point, after you find the PDAs in Chapter 6, you should have enough experience points to learn all Vampiric Powers, thus unlocking the Caine achievement.

The guide below refers strictly to the final chapter in Dark the game, and as all previous parts, it includes useful information that will help you retrieve the final set of PDAs.


The moment you gain control over Eric, all you have to do is to turn right and near the window you will see the first PDA; however, it is on the other side therefore you have to kill the guard first.

Take it then continue to follow the waypoint.

PDA 2 & PDA 3

In the large room where you trigger the cutscene showing the vampire hunters receiving some orders, you can find two additional Dark video game PDAs. The first one is close to your location, after the cutscene. It is on the left side while facing the waypoint, on a small desk near the left wall.

For the second PDA in this area; however, you must cross the hall. Kill all soldiers then look for it behind the large vertical pipes.  It is on a desk between two beds. After you get the collectable, take the elevator to the next level.

PDA 4 & PDA 5

Inside the barracks, where the soldiers receive more orders and they are sent to level G, you have to retrieve two more PDAs. First, clear the barracks and make sure all vampire hunters are dead. Now, check the central area for a PDA located on a bed.

Once you find it head to the right corner of the room (while standing in front of the door marked as your waypoint), and you will find a small office, containing another Dark game collectible.


The sixth PDA in Chapter 4 is inside the room where the computer that opens Tom’s cell is located. First, make sure you reach the room undetected and as fast as possible.

Use the computer to save Tom, and then while standing in front of the PC go right around the protection panel. In the left corner is the PDA.


After you deal with all guards summoned by Fields, you have to find and retrieve a PDA located inside a chamber to your right while standing in front of the large stairs, looking up.

The chamber is closed when you enter the hall, but after the cutscene showing Fields, the doors open. Make sure you get inside to escape the guards, and also look for a small pile of wooden crates on which you will find the collectible.


Moments after you get the previous PDA, cross the large hall, descend the stairs and continue to follow the corridors until you encounter an armored vampire hunter.

The waypoint should be on your left when you enter the chamber with the vampire hunter, while the PDA is on the right side, on a desk. It can’t be missed because when you open the door the collectible will be right in front of you.


Once you upload the virus, you will have to escape several guards and you will eventually reach the cafeteria. Clear the ground floor, and then look under the stairs for the PDA.

Take it then clear the second floor to advance and complete the chapter.

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