Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark Chapter 5 PDAs Locations

The fifth chapter in Dark the video game, is also known as Cryogenic, and the action takes place inside the laboratories of the company that kidnapped Rose.

Since the Sanctuary was destroyed at the end of the previous chapter, Eric tries to find Rose and the vampire hunters who work for Cryogenic.

While playing Chapter 5 of the video game, you will be able to retrieve more hidden PDAs, which allow you to upgrade Eric’s remaining skills and abilities.

Our Dark Chapter 5 PDAs locations guide below, reveals the areas you must visit to find the hidden collectibles.

Similar to the previous parts of our Dark collectible’s guide, the current guide includes hints and tips that will help you find the PDAs faster.


After you cross the courtyard and enter the Cryogenics’ main building, you will have to find an elevator that takes you to the lower floors.

The elevator and the next waypoint are on the other side of a hallway. Before crossing the corridor, while facing the next waypoint, turn left to see multiple desks. On one of them (in the middle) is a Dark PDA collectable.


Once you have activated the elevator and after you hack the computer in the basement, you will have to check several labs in order to find Rose.

Move towards the waypoint and you will see some large stairs near a surveillance camera. Make sure that you go around the stairs and look for the PDA near a plant on the right side (while standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up).  

PDA 3 & PDA 4

After you get the previous collectible, you have to be aware that the main hall features three cells that must be investigated. First, check the one on the ground floor, on the left, while standing near the central stairs, in order to get a new objective. Since the door is locked, head upstairs and check the corridor and the rooms above the corridor you inspected first.

The only thing you will be able to find here is a collectible in the room with the servers (in the middle of the chamber). Now, you have to retrace your steps, and cross the main hall of the second floor (moving towards your objective).

When you open the next door, go right and notice the two monitors close to each other. Check the office behind them for the PDA, and then get the keys from the office nearby. At this point you have to return to the ground floor and check the locked door at the end of the corridor you have explored the first time.


After you reach the warehouse, cross the first two rooms and eventually you will reach a closed door. Before opening the door make sure you check the room for a pile of cardboard boxes near a bigger pile made of wooden boxes.

On the cardboard boxes is the PDA (the distance between the collectible and the next waypoint is 13 m).


Immediately when you enter the laboratories through the door with a green light above it, take out the patrolling guard, then check the second desk in front of you (right side as you enter).

On it is a PDA. Continue to advance through the laboratories for the next PDA.


Once you get the previous collectible, you will cross another chamber of the laboratory and eventually you will reach a corridor with an UV detector right in front of you. While the waypoint shows you to go left, make sure you go right, around the detector, to find a security office (notice the guns on the wall) and another Dark PDA.

Take it, then turn around and go down the hallway.

PDA 8 & PDA 9

As you enter the next room, you will trigger a cutscene showing Angel who tells Eric that Rose is nearby and she is waiting for him.

On the left side of the room you should see several white chairs/benches. On the front row is the PDA.

Take it then advance through the next door and after the cutscene showing the cryogenic pods, turn left and look for another Dark video game collectible on a small desk next to a white microscope. The final chapter is Chapter 6.

Dark PDAs Locations Guide
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