Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark Chapter 3 PDAs Locations

Also known as Atlantis, Chapter 3 in Dark the video game, features 10 additional hidden PDAs that must be collected to unlock new skills for Eric.

Eric’s target in Dark Chapter 3 is Steiner, a vampire who runs the Atlantis nightclub. When the third chapter of the videogame begins, Rose will tell you to get inside the club without using any of you powers.

As soon as you complete the first objective, you will have to place three bombs inside the club, to panic the customers, who will eventually leave, allowing you to focus on Steiner’s guards and the remaining vampire hunters.

Once you complete both objectives, you should start looking for the hidden PDAs, using the guide below.


For the first two PDAs in Chapter 3, you have to place the bomb inside Steiner’s Club. You could try to retrieve them while looking for the garbage cans in which you hide the explosives, but that’s not the recommended path you should follow.

First place the bombs to clear the club, and then look for the first PDA inside the round room you use to hide. After the explosion, before exiting the said room (similar to a round elevator); look for it on the desk on your left side, while facing the exit.


For the second PDA in the club, you have to reach the ground floor. The collectible is located under some stairs, on the opposite side of the entrance you have used at the start of the level.

Near the same stairs was one of the garbage cans used to hide the explosives. Pick up the collectible then clear the bar and follow the corridor on the second floor.


After you leave the bar down the corridor on the second floor, move slowly and you will see a surveillance camera. Sneak under the camera and go around the left corner to see some guards standing near a vending machine.

Next to the vending machine is a small table (left side while facing the guards) and on it the third PDA.


Once you pick up the previous collectible, head down the long corridor and when you reach the other side, you should see a pool table. Go around the table, and on the left side is a couch. On it is another Dark PDA collectible.


Several steps away from the previous PDA, is another Dark video game collectible. Avoid the first camera on the corridor you have to cross towards your waypoint, and then take out the guard that patrols around, and when you reach the end of the hallway, turn left and enter the small office.

Inside, is the PDA (the approximate distance between the waypoint and the collectible is 17m).


When you enter the night club, you will have to be extremely cautious because it is filled with guards. Before moving towards the next waypoint, behind the scene, check the right side of the second floor. On the balcony, you will find another PDA.


After you clear the first room of the nightclub, head to the backstage, through the door on the left side of the main room. Move forward through the next door (in front of you) and then turn left, around the lower wall inside the dressing room.

Pick up the PDA, then follow your next objective and use the computer nearby.


Once you clear the night club for the second time, continue to follow the marker on your screen and it will lead you to a storage room.

To advance you have to cross it, taking out all hostiles. On your way out, several steps away from the exit point, on the left side, you will see a pile of large crates. While facing the said crates, and the waypoint, but on the right side of the storage room, there is a pile of smaller crates. On them is the PDA collectable.


When you cross the second storage room (where the ghouls are released), make sure you check the left side, for a larger shelf, and behind it is a box on which is the ninth PDA.

Take it, and then follow the main objective.

PDA 10

Inside the security center, after you talk to Rose, head right, at the entrance and then left, around the corner of the L-shaped wall (before reaching the first security gate).

Look for the PDA on the couch under a large plasma screen. Next chapter is Chapter 4.

Dark PDAs Locations Guide
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