Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark Chapter 2 PDAs Locations

Additional Dark PDAs collectibles can be found while playing Chapter 2 of the video game, and the following video game guide reveals their locations, in order to assist those who wish to level up faster.

In Dark Chapter 2, Eric is sent to the Geoforge Tower to hunt down Vlad.

Unlike the previous chapter, in the Geoforge Tower you will also encounter civilians, who cannot be killed. If they spot you, they will alert the guards; therefore, make sure you avoid them at all costs.

In order to locate the hidden PDAs in Dark Chapter 2, make sure you follow the same order as the one provided by our text guide.


As soon as you enter Geoforge you will find yourself in the lobby, and you will be instructed to avoid civilians. Start by taking out all guards, and you can see that the waypoint is located on the other side of the lobby. Follow the stairs up, and when you reach the top, you should see two desks.

Check the one to the left while facing the waypoint, for the first PDA in Chapter 2. Pick it up, and then enter the corridor indicated by the marker on your screen.


As you continue down the next corridor, you will eventually enter the security office. In front of you, as you stay near the entrance, you should see a vending machine.

Take out all guards, and then look for the PDA on a table located on the right side of the room (opposite to the door you have to follow). Next, turn off the security system and head to the elevator.


When you get to the second floor, wait for the guard to open the door for you, and cross the corridor where you see two guards patrolling (one of them will stop for a drink).

At the end of the corridor is a door leading to a large chamber where you will have to kill multiple hostiles, using the desks as cover points. When you enter the large chamber, to the left you should see some stairs. Make sure you check the office under the stairs, once you secure the area.

Pick up the PDA collectible and follow the next door that leads you to a new corridor.


While crossing the said corridor, pay close attention to the tables on the left side, to locate the fourth PDA collectable.


After you cross the corridor mentioned above, you will enter a smaller office (where the access card is located). On the right side while standing at the entrance, you should see two guards watching the rain outside. Turn left to spot a desk on which you can see a ventilator/fan.

On the same desk is the fourth PDA in Dark Chapter 2.


When you reach the park outside, make sure you follow the green billboards, as they will lead you through the area. On the left side of the park you should find a small bar.

Check the last table on right side of the bar, pick up the Dark video game collectible, and then continue to follow the billboards towards the second floor.


After you deactivate the tunnel on the second floor in the park, by destroying the switch under the stairs, head up and you can notice that the waypoint is on the right side of the suspended platform. Before advancing towards it, you have to search for a small desk on the left side of the same suspended platform (opposite side). On the table is the seventh PDA. Collect it then go to the elevator.


Once you have entered Vlad’s apartment, check the coffin, then the room on the second floor. Push the head of the statue in front of you, to open a secret door.

The door will lead you to Vlad’s trophy room. Turn right while standing at the entrance to find another PDA, on a desk. Now, take out the guards, and exit the apartment.


In the courtyard where you find Vlad, before starting to chase him, make sure you descend the stairs and look for a secret entrance, partially covered by bushes.

The entrance is in the middle of the courtyard, on the ground, and it will lead you to a small dead end. On a crate, next to a can, is a PDA.

PDA 10

In the same area where you have found the previous collectible, but on the other side of the yard, you can locate another PDA; however, you have to be extremely careful because if Vlad hits you, his sniper rifle will instantly kill you.

Use the Shadow Leap as much as you can, because you can avoid the tunnels and move faster. The PDA is on a small table with a microscope on it, behind a building. Once you take it, kill Vlad to complete the chapter. Chapter 3 starts now.

Dark PDAs Locations Guide
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