Dark PDAs Locations Guide

Dark Chapter 1 PDAs Locations

Dark Chapter 1 sends Eric to Harding Museum where he must find and kill Blooming. Chapter 1 includes a series of Dark PDAs that can be located and retrieved in order to unlock the Data Collector achievement and to increase the amount of experience points required to unlock new abilities and skills for Eric.

After you complete the tutorial and interact with all character in the Sanctuary, you will be sent to Harding Museum by Rose.

When you start the chapter you will find out that another vampire already reached the museum.

To get the following Dark Chapter 1 PDAs, you have to make sure that you respect the same order as the one below.


The first PDA is very easy to find, being located in the starting area. When you start the mission, Eric will hide behind a white van.

After he talks to Rose, take a look around and you should see a bridge. One of the guards (your first target) stands on the said bridge. Kill the guard and while standing in his position look to the right to spot the PDA on a crate at the end of the bridge.


The second PDA can be found as soon as you enter the building, following the marker on your HUD. Leap over the broken glass, turn right and go upstairs.

Now go left, and cross the chamber near the stairs. On the table where you see the monitor is the PDA, and on the shelf is the item you need to complete the secondary objective you received from Tom.


After Rose opens the door for Eric, you will enter the museum’s lobby, and you will be able to find the third PDA. After you kill all guards protecting the perimeter, head downstairs and locate the burning trashcan near the wall.

Advance towards the other side of the hall (parallel to the waypoint) and in the dark corner you will find a bench and on it the PDA.


When you enter the room with the motion sensors, you will find the fourth Dark PDA. It is located on the same floor as Eric (second); therefore, turn left and move forward until you reach the first corner (right). On your left side, is a bench and on it, is the collectible.


After you get the previous PDA continue to follow the marker on your screen and cross another corridor. Eventually, you will trigger a cutscene showing Angel. Open the next door, and advance.

Turn left once, and you will hear some guards arguing with a civilian, inside a room on the left side of the main corridor. Wait for the guards to kill the civilian, and they will open the door to the Administration office. Inside the office, look for the Dark collectable on a chair.


When you reach the large exhibition room of the Harding museum you will be on top of the stairs looking down at a vast number of guards patrolling around. As you maintain your position, you have to be aware that the PDA is located downstairs, on the left side of the hall, just below your current position.

Make sure you retrieve it before you leave the area.


Once you clear the exhibition room and you pick up the previous PDA, head through the door on the other side, and you will eventually see an elevator on your left side. Instead of going to the elevator, search the room on the opposite side (a guard is waiting inside) and pick up the PDA.

Note: At this point you will unlock the Data Collector achievement. This is the only achievement you will unlock for finding the PDAs in Dark the video game; therefore, it’s up to you to decide if you wish to find the rest or not.


The eighth PDA is located in the basement where you encounter the two ghouls. When you enter the basement, proceed down the ramp on your right and look on the crates on the left while standing behind the low wall.


After you escape Blooming’s trap inside his laboratory, you have to retrace your steps to the previous room, and go through one of the gates on the left side (the gate was closed when you entered the laboratory).

After you go through the said gate, a short cutscene starts and you will get behind another box. Turn right to see another crate nearby, and on it a PDA. Chapter 2 starts now.

Dark PDAs Locations Guide
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