Cubemen Cheats and Trainers

Cubemen Cheats and Trainers

Multiple Cubemen cheats and cheat codes can be activated by those who decide the play the tower defense indie game developed by Three Sprockets for PC and iOS based devices; however, all of them work only on PC.

The following Cubemen cheating guide presents one of the methods that can be used by those who wish to cheat in Cubemen for PC, in the single-player mode; and reveals a Cubemen trainer developed for v1.12.

Cubemen is a tower defense downloadable video game that can be purchased from Steam and iTunes.  It was released on March 16, 2012, and received multiple praises from users who have tried it. Unlike other tower defense video games, Cubemen is a fast paced title, which also supports a multiplayer mode for two players.

In the game, players can’t build static towers, but they can control all Cubemen, by issuing orders. The goal is to capture the enemy base, while defending your own.

What separates Cubemen from other similar video games, is the fact that it combines the elements of a tower defense game with those of a real-time strategy game (RTS). In other words, the units can be moved around, allowing players to adopt different strategies.

The environment is also made from cubes. Players must cross bridges, floating platforms and other obstacles, to reach the bases controlled by their adversaries.

Cubemen offers 35 single-player defense maps, 25 multiplayer skirmish levels, 6 multi-player Mayhem levels, and 6 single-player defense modes; however, according to the game’s developer, more content will be added in the future.

As of July 13, 2012, Cubemen can be played exclusively on PC, Mac, and iPad 2+ (iPad 2, iPad 3, etc…).

Cubemen PC Trainer

To cheat in Cubemen for PC, players can opt to download a free trainer, which was uploaded on The trainer gives access to six different Cubemen cheat codes, including a Cubemen cheat for lives, health and speed.

Additionally, the trainer allows users to instantly win a Cubemen match or to increase their scores, by pressing the corresponding keys. To use the Cubemen mega-trainer and activate all Cubemen cheats in the list below, players must follow several steps:

Download the Cubemen PC trainer from

Extract all files included in Cubemen_v1.12_+6_Trainer.rar

Copy/move the extracted files in the game’s directory.

Start the trainer and the game.

After the game starts, press the keys below to activate the desired Cubemen cheat.

Like most trainers, the program may work only with specific versions of the game.

Some antivirus programs may report the executable file as an infected one, which means that the trainer must be used at the player’s own risk.

Cubemen PC Cheat Codes

F5 – Activate the Cubemen trainer

1 – Add more cubes

2 – Increase the current score

3 – Increase the health of one unit (The unit must be selected).

4– Increase the speed of one unit (The unit must be selected).

5 – Maximum lives cheat

6 – Instant victory

Note: All keys can be customized by editing the tc-config file included in the archive.

Cubemen Cheats and Trainers
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