Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel #5 Location

Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel Locations

Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle is the second mission in the video game and it includes six Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectibles that can be found by players.

Following Prophet’s rescue in Post-Human, Psycho is now advised to bring Prophet to the HQ using a suggested path, minimazing the contact with CELL and Ceph units.

However, there’s a CELL Watch Tower that must be dealt with before going any further.

Since the area of the second mission is much larger than the one in the previous mission, players should use the hints and tips in the following Crysis 3 collectables’ guide if they want to get all CELL Intel collectibles in a single playthrough.

CELL Intel Locations Guide

Hidden CELL Intel collectibles: 6

Datapads: 3

Propaganda Posters: 1

Blackboxes: 2

CELL Intel #1 (Propaganda Poster)

After you acquire the Nanosuit upgrade, you and Psycho end up before a minefield. As soon as you reach the minefield, you turn left, and then you start walking alongside the building that’s on your right side.

Near the end of the building, hidden by some bushes, is a crack in the wall.

On that wall you can find the first Propaganda Poster collectible in the video game, which is also the first Crysis 3 Mission 2 CELL Intel.

If you scan the poster using the Visor you will automatically collect it.

CELL Intel #1 – Propaganda Poster

CELL Intel #2 (Datapad)

After the cutscene, you have to search for a weapon to destroy the tower’s defenses.

When you find the weapon and you finish with the tower, instead of following the waypoint, you turn around and you walk towards the dead end.

Then, you climb the rocks on your right side to find a crate next to a dead man. On top of the crate is the second Crysis 3 Mission 2 Intel.

CELL Intel #2 – Datapad

CELL Intel #3 (Datapad)

The third Crysis 3 Mission 2 CELL Intel can be found if you choose to pursue the secondary objective where you have to locate the Origin of the CELL Locator Beacon.

After you destroy the tower’s cannons using the Ceph Bolt Sniper, you cross a minefield, you get rid of some enemies, and then you climb some rocks.

Before regrouping with Psycho, if you look on your left side, you can see another waypoint.

The waypoint points to a CELL container shaped like a pyramid. Next to the container is the Datapad collectable.

CELL Intel #3 – Datapad

CELL Intel #4 (Blackbox)

After that, you and Psycho reach the subway.

Your clear the first group of enemies and then you walk on the rails to regroup with Psycho (because he takes another path, on a ladder).

In the next area you find a lot of dead soldiers. One of them has the Blackbox containing the fourth Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #4 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #5 (Blackbox)

Next, you head to the surface to reach the train station.

As soon as you enter the train station, you need to drop down (floor level) and then turn around.

Inside the same building (left side as you’re looking to it) is an ammo cache, and next to it, a dead soldier with the fifth Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #5 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #6 (Datapad)

Shortly after that, you have to advance along the rail lines. On the upper levels are two CELL Defense Turrets. Between them, if you look on the ground, you can see an access tunnel in the water.

The small tunnel leads to a hidden area where you can acquire the Datapad with the sixth Crysis 3 Welcome to the Jungle CELL Intel.

The next mission, The Root of All Evil, begins after you push the tanker to clear a path for you and Psycho.

CELL Intel #6 – Datapad
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