Crysis 3 Red Star Rising CELL Intel #9 Location

Crysis 3 Red Star Rising CELL Intel Locations

Crysis 3 Mission 5 is named Red Star Rising and it features nine Crysis 3 Intel collectibles that must be found by those who wish to have 100% completion.

After he deactivates the inhibitor nanites in Safeties Off, Prophet finds out that the Red Star Rising protocol is activated.

This means that the Archangel platform has been reprogrammed to discharge its massive power store via an energy weapon, and it’s up to Prophet to save New York and the entire planet.

The mission  takes place in a larger area than before, for the fact that it also features some driving sequences.

Because of that, players are advised to use the information included in the next collectibles’ guide if they want to find all Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectibles.

CELL Intel Guide

Hidden CELL Intel collectibles: 9

Datapads: 5

Propaganda Posters: 1

Blackboxes: 3

CELL Intel #1 (Datapad)

First, you have to use the “tubes” (conduits) to traverse from building to building.

When you reach the second building you can collect the first Crysis 3 Red Star Rising CELL Intel that’s next to the grenade supply.

CELL Intel #1 – Datapad

CELL Intel #2 (Blackbox)

After you interact with the Ceph Mindcarrier, you defeat the Ceph Devastator that destroys the fence, and then you go through that fence.

Instead of following the wider path, you turn right and you follow the path behind the buildings.

You should soon see a dead soldier from which you can pick up the second Crysis 3 Red Star Rising CELL Intel (after you turn left at the arrow supply cache).

CELL Intel #2 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #3 (Datapad)

Next, you drop down in the area where the CELL soldiers are attacked by Ceph Stalkers.

After you clear the area, you need to get inside the first building on the left side, and then go to the first floor.

The third Crysis 3 Red Star Rising CELL Intel can be found in the next room after the one where the ammo caches are.

CELL Intel #3 – Datapad

CELL Intel #4 (Propaganda Poster)

The fourth Crysis 3 Mission 5 CELL Intel is inside the same building mentioned above.

There’s a smaller chamber connected to the room where you grabbed the Datapad, and it can be accessed through the broken wall. The Propaganda Poster is at the other end of the small room.

CELL Intel #4 – Propaganda Poster

CELL Intel #5 (Datapad)

As soon as you reach the buggy (the first one, just after Claire says that she needs support), you have to check the nearby crates in order to find the fifth Crysis 3 Mission 5 CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #5 – Datapad

CELL Intel #6 (Blackbox)

After the cinematic (the one that is triggered when you’re going down the stairs) you end up in another large area where you can drive a buggy.

You head down the cliffs to reach the provided buggy, and then you collect the sixth Crysis 3 Mission 5 CELL Intel from the dead soldier that’s near the buggy.

CELL Intel #6 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #7 (Blackbox)

At some point you arrive in an area attacked by a Pinger and a couple of Devastators (where you can also find the tank vehicle).

The path is blocked by a huge wall.

On the left side of the wall (as you’re looking at it) there are two large containers filled with crates. Next to the container that is closest to the turret is a dead soldier.

He has the Blackbox with the seventh Crysis 3 CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #7 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #8 (Datapad)

Beside the other container mentioned above you can find the eighth Crysis 3 Intel.

CELL Intel #8 – Datapad

CELL Intel #9 (Datapad)

The ninth Crysis 3 CELL Intel can be acquired after you find a way to infiltrate the CELL Archangel Command Center.

When you’re inside the facility’s walls, you need to go to the east side (you can use the map for orientation), and then use the stairs to reach the area where the pipes are.

Alongside the pipes are some large containers. If you go inside one of them you can grab the Datapad collectible that’s on top of the crates.

After you prevent Archangel from firing and you learn about Alpha-Ceph’s true intentions, you can begin the next mission in line, Only Human.

CELL Intel #9 – Datapad
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