Crysis 3 Gods and Monsters CELL Intel #8 Location

Crysis 3 Gods and Monsters CELL Intel Locations

Crysis 3 Gods and Monsters is the final mission of the video game, and it is unlocked after Prophet and Psycho are attacked at the end of the previous mission, Only Human.

The wormhole is activated and there isn’t much time left until the Ceph giant ship will enter the atmosphere.

Prophet must destroy the Alpha-Ceph and close the wormhole if he wants to have a chance at saving the entire humanity.

Gods and Monsters includes the last eight Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectables, and the following Crysis 3 collectibles’ guide reveals their locations through a series of tips and screenshots.

CELL Intel Guide

Hidden CELL Intel collectibles: 8

Datapads: 3

Propaganda Posters: 1

Blackboxes: 4

CELL Intel #1 (Blackbox)

As soon as the mission begins, the first Crysis 3 Gods and Monsters CELL Intel can be grabbed from the dead body that’s right in front of you, in the tunnel.

CELL Intel #1 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #2 (Propaganda Poster)

You take a few steps forward to find a Propaganda Poster lying on the ground (next to the flames).

This is the second  CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #2 – Propaganda Poster

CELL Intel #3 (Datapad)

Just ahead is a damaged “catwalk” among the rubble.

On its other side is some kind of a container that holds the Datapad with the third Crysis 3 CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #3 – Datapad

CELL Intel #4 (Blackbox)

Next, you advance inside the tunnel until a fridge is blocking your path.

You clear the way, and then you collect the fourth Crysis 3 Mission 7 CELL Intel that’s inside the train car.

CELL Intel #4 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #5 (Blackbox)

You continue your way through the tunnel, and immediately after the checkpoint you take the left path in order to find the fifth Crysis 3 CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #5 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #6 (Datapad)

When you escape from the tunnels out in the open, you should see a Ceph Gunship. You follow the path until you find a few supply caches.

If you look inside the crate with the JAW rocket launchers you can see the Datapad with the sixth Crysis 3 Gods and Monsters CELL Intel.

CELL Intel #6 – Datapad

CELL Intel #7 (Blackbox)

After you interact with the Ceph Mindcarrier Device, your suit becomes operational. Now the objective is to head deeper into the cave.

Therefore, you follow the waypoint, and just after the checkpoint you drop down near the ammo cache.

Here you can find the seventh Crysis 3 Intel inside a crate.

CELL Intel #7 – Blackbox

CELL Intel #8 (Datapad)

Now you have a choice, you can take the left path, or the right path. If you want to get the eighth Crysis 3 CELL Intel faster, you may want to take the path on your right.

As you reach the outside area, you can see a wrecked vehicle with a mounted machine gun. Below the car is the last Datapad collectible.

Alternatively, you can return here when you have the secondary objective to locate the origin of the CELL Locator Beacon. If you followed our complete Crysis 3 collectibles’ guide, you should now be rewarded with an achievement/trophy.

CELL Intel #8 – Datapad
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