Crusader Kings II Cheats and Trainers

Crusader Kings II Cheats and Trainers

Crusader Kings II or Crusader Kings 2 is a medieval strategy video game developed and published by Paradox Interactive exclusively for PC.

Throughout the following game guide, we present a cheating method that can be used by all fans of the game, who wish to activate a Crusader Kings II money cheat, which will eventually help them to beat the game faster.

The cheating method involves a specific Crusader Kings II video game trainer available on various websites; however, the trainer explained below can be downloaded from

According to the trainer’s description, the program was developed and tested on Skidrow’s cracked version of Crusader Kings II; therefore it may not work on other game versions.

The action in Crusader Kings II takes place during one of the most important periods in the history, when Europe was divided in small regions. Each region was ruled by a lord who had his own laws and visions of greatness.

Since not all of them shared the same ideas, new rivalries appeared, as well as new alliances; but the bigger threat comes from the east, where the Mongols prepare to launch an overwhelming invasion.

The Holy Land (known today as Jerusalem) was conquered by them; therefore the Holy Church and the Pope must reclaim it at all costs, by issuing a new order.

According to this order, all who fight to liberate the Holy Land will be freed of their sins; but, the plan can succeed only if new alliances are forged, and those who stand against the Holy Church are punished as traitors.

Players have 400 years at their disposal to take back the Holy Land and to become Crusader Kings.

Even if this seems to be a long period, it’s in fact a race against time.

New territories must be conquered, the Pope’s bishops must be controlled, and the domains owned by players must provide enough income to support an incursion into the eastern territories.

Since these goals cannot be completed in a lifetime, Crusader Kings II introduces a new feature, called the line of succession; which allows the player to control one main character as well as his successors.

Crusader Kings II includes a single-player and a competitive multiplayer mode for up to 32 players. After its official release, the video game managed to cumulate 83 points on Metacritic; and 8 points out of 10, on The Digital Fix.

Crusader Kings II Money Trainer

In Crusader Kings II, money play a vital role, because everything has a price.

Players, who need additional funds, can cheat the game and use a Crusader Kings II trainer for money.

The program will run in background, allowing players to activate a Crusader Kings 2 cheat for money by pressing a specific key.

To use the trainer, and install it, the player must follow several steps:

Download the trainer from

Extract the files included in CKII_FIX.rar

Copy the files in the game’s directory

Launch the trainer and run the game

Crusader Kings II Money Cheat

When the game starts, make sure that the trainer runs in background, and then press the following key to trigger the Crusader Kings 2 money cheat code:

NUMPAD 1 – Unlimited funds

Crusader Kings II Cheats and Trainers
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