Cities XL Platinum Cheats and Trainers

Cities XL Platinum Cheats and Trainers

Cities XL Platinum is the expansion pack released in February 2013 for Cities XL 2012, the video game developed by Focus Home Interactive, and the following guide introduces a Cities XL Platinum money trainer, which can be used to get unlimited money while playing the expansion.

Since the free money trainer was developed exclusively for Cities XL Platinum, players should be aware that the program won’t work on Cities XL 2012, which requires a different trainer.

Cities XL Platinum retains the gameplay elements that define Cities XL 2012, but as an expansion, it also introduces new features.

Players who decide to purchase the expansion, gain access to over 1,000 buildings and structures, 50 of them being introduced by Cities XL Platinum.

New maps are also included in Cities XL Platinum; therefore, players will have a total of 62 maps on which they can place their cities.

Published by Focus Home Interactive exclusively for PC, Cities XL 2012 is a city-simulator video game, which allows players to become mayors and developed their own cities.

As mayors, players must solve the problems faced by citizens, and manage their needs while finding the balance between housing, recreation, employment and the financial problems that will eventually appear.

When Cities XL 2012 was released, it received mixed scores from critics, many of them praising the graphics but criticizing the gameplay elements that can also be found in Cities XL 2011.

In a review published on November 4, 2011 for GamingXP, Thomas Pichler outlines that:

““Cities XL 2012 is a solid city builder, but unfortunately, nothing more. Play depth isn’t as big as one might expect, the graphics are more resource hungry than truly good, the trade system makes you hope for online multiplayer in vain. That and it’s really just an add-on to Cities XL 2011.””

As of July 5, 2013, Cities XL 2012 holds an aggregate score of 61/100 on Metacritic.

Cities XL Platinum PC Trainer

Since the funds required to develop a city play an important role, the free Cities XL Platinum trainer uploaded on can help fans who wish to get unlimited money; however, it is important to know that the trainer was tested on Cities XL Platinum v1.0.5.725, and it may not work on other versions.

According to its developer, the trainer contains encrypted files, and some antivirus programs might block it; therefore, players who wish to cheat the videogame will have to use it at their own risk.

To get unlimited money in Cities XL Platinum, using the said trainer, several steps must be followed:

Download the free Cities XL Platinum PC money trainer from and extract all files included in cxlpv105725+1tr.rar.

Once unpacked, copy the files or move them to the game’s default directory, then run the trainer.

Start the game and after it loads, press the following key to activate the Cities XL Platinum cheat code for money.

Cities XL Platinum PC Cheats

Numpad 0 – Adds 1.000.000 money to the player’s current amount

Cities XL Platinum Cheats and Trainers
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