Five LOST Video Games – Digital Oblivion | GEEK CRITIQUE

I’ve always loved having an awesome collection of digital games to scroll through, but there’s a very big downside to the way things are going, and I don’t think the industry is doing enough…geek video games

5 Uncanny Valley Moments in Video Games!

Look at me, I’m real. I’m a real boy. I would never hurt you papa. Games Mentioned: 1. Silent hill 2 “I’m not your mary” a. The sudden change between a blocky model and a much…geek video games

How to Balance Video Games and Studying – College Info Geek

Gaming is awesome, but school, homework, and studying all take a lot of your time. What do you do when video games start eating into that time? My book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades”…geek video games

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