Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Cheats and Trainers

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Cheats and Trainers

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, abbreviated CCGM is an action real-time strategy video game developed by Bohemia Interactive, and a remake of the videogame known as Carrier Command released in 1988.

Published by Bohemia Interactive, Mastertronic, and Rising Star Games; Carrier Command: Gaea Mission became available on September 28, 2012 for PC and Xbox 360.

Throughout the following guide, is revealed a method that teaches players how to cheat Carrier Command: Gaea Mission on PC, using a free trainer found on

The trainer was developed for CCGM v1.2.003, and its main purpose is to give access to four different Carrier Command: Gaea Mission cheats.

The first cheat provides unlimited health to the units controlled by players, the second cheat code can be activated to get unlimited energy, while the third cheat can be activated to get infinite ammo.

Finally, the fourth Carrier Command: Gaea Mission cheat code disables the overheating for all weapons.

The action in Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, takes place on planet Taurus where two factions fight against each other to control an archipelago containing 33 islands.

The first faction is known as the United Earth Coalition, while the second is the Asian Pacific Alliance, which already controls what’s left of Earth, destroyed by an apocalyptic event.

The gameplay mixes the elements of an action video game with those of an RTS. While trying to conquer an island, players have 4 types of units at their disposal: the carrier, the walrus, the manta and the drone.

Each unit plays a specific role in the game, with the carrier serving as the main base, which deploys other units. The carrier also provides a strategic map, and on it players can issue orders and send their units into battle; however, at any time, players are allowed to assume control of one of their units and engage the enemy.

The vehicles are controlled from a first-person or third-person perspective, and they can be equipped with different weapons, giving players access to a vast number of strategies that can be used against their opponents.

The video game features only a single-player mode, and a number of 45 Xbox 360 achievements.

As of 21 July, 2013, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for Xbox 360 received 46 points out of 100, on Metacritic.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC Trainer

For the cheat codes listed below, players need the free Carrier Command: Gaea Mission trainer published on

The trainer must run in background during the game; therefore, it must be downloaded and installed on the player’s computer, following several steps:

Get the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC trainer from

Unpack and then move all files included in gghz-ccgmv1.2.0034trn.rar, to the game’s directory.

Run the trainer, then start the game.

Load a mission, and while playing it, press the following keys to toggle the Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC cheats on and off.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Cheats for PC

Numpad 0 – Infinite health (God Mode)

Numpad 1 – Infinite energy

Numpad 2 – Unlimited ammo

Numpad 3 – Disable weapon overheating

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Cheats and Trainers
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