Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 8: To Have and Have Not

The 8th chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier is To Have and Have Not, and the game guide below is a full text walkthrough created with the purpose of helping players who wish to complete it faster.

The guide offers, useful tips, tricks and strategies that can be used by all fans of the game, as well as a video walkthrough.

After he rescued Bucky, Captain America must find Falsworth and Dugan and help them to escape Zola’s prison.

Unfortunately, Zola’s labs are well protected and hidden; therefore Captain America must first find a route to reach them.

Objective: Rescue Falsworth and Dugan

After you enter the large door, go left and follow the corridor.

Climb the ladder on the right and sabotage the AA Cannon, then return and move forward until you see a gate.

Open it and you will enter the laboratory.

Explore the area, but stay alert because Zola’s super-soldiers escaped and they are tough opponents. Don’t forget to look around for Dossiers.

These super-soldiers are called Screamers and you will notice that they are protected by force-fields.

Captain America’s super attacks are very effective against Screamers. Throwing the shield while their force fields are active is not a good idea, because Captain America will drop it.

Dodging and attacking from behind is also a good strategy in defeating the Screamers.

Explore the area to pick up all collectibles, and don’t forget to use the map to reach the exit.

Eventually, you will enter a large chamber and a cutscene starts showing Dugan on a table. First, investigate the platform you are standing on, and then approach the highlighted spot on the ground and jump to the other side.

First take out the Screamers and the armored soldiers, then release Dugan.

Watch the cutscene but stay alert because you will be attacked by more Screamers and you must defeat them while Dugan escapes.

After all Screamers are dead, cross the bridge lowered by Dugan and follow him.

Next you must hold off Hydra’s soldiers and scientists until Dugan sends the elevator back. Make sure you use the explosive barrels in your advantage and take them out as quickly as you can.

When the elevator returns, get inside and pull the lever to complete this chapter.

You will unlock a new trophy/achievement called Down in the Lab.

The next chapter in the game is named The Longest Yard.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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