Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 6: Camus and the Fly

Camus and the Fly is the sixth chapter featured in Captain America: Super Soldier, and the game guide below, explains how to complete it faster and how to defeat all opponents encountered in this chapter.

The game guide is the seventh part in the full Captain America: Super Soldier text walkthrough that can be accessed faster with the help of the table of contents included in the guide.

Captured by Armin Zola, Madame Hydra and Iron Cross, Captain America must find a way to escape the research facility and finish the project started by the mad doctor.

Armin Zola intends to create an army of Hydra super soldiers using Captain America’s blood samples that can be injected to the normal soldiers he already controls.

After the cutscene ends Captain America finds himself tied up on a bed. Press the required buttons to release him and then approach the control panel on the right to shut down the electrified cell door.

Objective: Escape the Cellblock

Go left and grab the ledge to climb on the cell’s roof.

Approach the large chain and use it to slide down.

In the next cell, go right and break the cracked wall, then advance.

Don’t climb the ladder on the left, continue forward and drop from the ledge. Advance by jumping on the poles until you reach the cell on the other side of the prison.

Activate your Tactical Vision and follow the highlighted poles, beams and platforms, until you reach the central platform of the prison. You can’t get stuck, and there are no opponents in the cells you enter, but make sure you avoid the steams that comes out from the walls.

When you get to the central platform you will be attacked by several Hydra Soldiers. Since you lost your shield, make sure you dodge all attacks, or you will die. There is a Ceramic Egg on one of the tables near the control panels.

Cross the bridge and take out the soldiers that attack you, then go left and look for a desk. You will find Madame Hydra Film Reel.

Use the radio station on the left to contact Peggy.

After the dialogue between you and Peggy ends, go to the other side of the room and open the large iron doors to exit the cellblock.

Advance through the next tunnel until you reach a round chamber. Here you will encounter a heavy armored soldier, and you must defeat him to continue. Try to use your special attacks such as Weaponize or Crippling Attack to take him out faster, and then continue.

Exit through the next gate and kill more soldiers.

Proceed and you will reach a large hall. Make sure that after you clear the hall, you investigate each adjacent chamber, because you will find a Prussian Helmet (to the left).

Continue through the gate on the right and you will enter the Laboratory. Here you must find your shield.

Move forward and take out the scientists and the soldiers, then look for a desk on the left side of the room. Pick up the Warden Schematic, and then enter the small room, near the desk to the right.

Kill all soldiers and pick up your shield. Advance through the door opened by several soldiers, and explore the next chambers. You will find the Warden Film Reel, aWarden Schematic and several Dossiers.

After you pick up all items, return to the central chamber and pick up your belt pouches.

Follow the ramp to the right and then go left, and you will see a large door. Decrypt the code and you will find the Ceramic Rooster.

Return to the cellblock and take out all enemies that you encounter on the bridge. After you cross the bridge, go right and follow the stairs up.

Defeat the soldiers near the control panels and pick up the Cameo Ornament on the table. There are also several Dossiers in this chamber.

After you pick them up, use the radio on the wall to find the security codes. On the same wall is a mechanism which allows you to open the next gate. Decrypt the code and advance.

Take out the soldiers in the next area, and use the lever on the left to open the door.

Proceed until you reach a large door. Throw your shield to disable the electric field, and then place an explosive charge on the door to blow it up.

When the door is destroyed you will complete this chapter and you will unlock a new trophy/achievement called Existential Dilemma.

The next chapter in the game is Icarus and Daedalus.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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