Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 5: The Big Red One

The Big Red One is the fifth chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier, the action video game released on July 19, 2011.

This chapter also features a boss fight, and the game guide below explains how to complete it, and how to defeat Baron von Strucker faster.

Included in the guide is a table of contents for the entire Captain America: Super Soldier text walkthrough and a YouTube video which shows how to finish The Big Red One chapter.

Now, since the final AA Gun is destroyed, Captain America can contact the Allies and inform them that they can approach the facility by air.

Unfortunately, another AA gun seems to be active, but unlike the rest, this super-weapon is controlled by a Radar Dish.

Because the cannon is located too far, Captain America must focus on destroying the Radar Dish; an action which will eventually affect the cannon’s aiming system.

Objective 1: Destroy the Radar Dish

When the cutscene ends, approach the highlighted spot on the ground, and use the cable to reach the room under the radar dish. Be careful because you will be attacked by multiple forces.

Kill all soldiers, and then explore the area, because to the right you will find a Hydra Briefcase.

Follow the stairs up and plant the explosive on the marked spot to the left, then continue up on the stairs.

Jump on the poles to reach the next area and plant more explosive.

After you plant the second explosive, a cutscene starts showing Baron von Strucker. You must defeat him in order to continue.

Baron von Strucker Boss Fight

Baron von Strucker is not a tough opponent, but his attacks inflict massive damage. He can be weakened by all special attacks, including the Crippling Strike and the Weaponize attack which can be used to control his weapon against him.

Since all these attacks require Focus Points, and these points are limited, you should know that you can also damage the Baron with normal attacks, as long as they come from behind. In other words, dodging the Baron’s attacks and hitting him from behind, is another way to hurt him.

Any attack coming while the Baron is facing you, will be blocked. You should keep in mind that Captain America can’t grab the baron, but he can hit him with the shield.

Several Hydra soldiers will also appear during this fight. Killing them is a good method to increase the amount of Focus which can be used later for a special attack against the Baron.

When the Baron’s health bar is almost depleted, a series of quick-events will start. Press the corresponding buttons to complete them, or the Baron will gain additional health points.

After you defeat Baron von Strucker, reach the other end of the platform and go right. Jump on the poles and follow the ramps up until you reach the Radar Dish.

Take out the Soldiers guarding the dish but try to save your Focus points because you will need them later.

After you kill all guards, approach the dish and sabotage it. You have to do it twice if you want to open the small location which allows you to place the final charge. Keep your eyes on the clock and try to move as fast as you can.

After you sabotage the dish, Baron von Strucker will reappear and you must defeat him again, but this time you have to do it before the time runs out.

Since you saved your Focus Points, make sure you use them to perform some special attacks. When you run out of Focus, kill the soldiers that spawn near the Baron.

You also have to complete another series of quick-events when the Baron is on his knees.

Defeat him and place the final charge and then watch the cutscene to complete this chapter.

You will unlock a new trophy/achievement, called Fully Operational.

The next chapter in the game is called Camus and the Fly.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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