Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 3: The Wooden Horse

The Wooden Horse is the third chapter featured in Captain America: Super Soldier and the following game guide is the fourth part of the full text walkthrough we created with the purpose of helping players who wish to complete the video game.

After Captain America managed to sabotage Hydra’s AA Guns, he must find a way to cross the yard of the secret Bavarian facility, and continue his mission.

The Wooden Horse continues the events started in the previous chapter.

The first objective of this chapter appears as soon as the mission begins.

Objective 1: Traverse the ruins

When you assume the control of Captain America, look to the left and you will find a Ceramic Egg.

Pick it up and if you followed our walkthrough until now, you will unlock an achievement/trophy called Four Score and Seven.

Approach the highlighted spot on the ground and launch yourself over the obstacles. Jump from one pole to another by pressing the corresponding button.

You will eventually land in a small area, and in front of you, on the ground you will see a Dossier. Pick it up and then go left. Follow the alley and pick up the Stack of Dossier Folders on the ground, to the right.

Advance and a small cutscene will start. You have to jump from the balcony, but before that, pick up the Hydra Briefcase, located to the right, near the highlighted spot.

Jump and take out the Hydra soldiers as fast as you can. There is also a sniper in a tower to the other side of the road. Throw you shield, using the aiming system.

After you defeat all soldiers, go left and look near the explosive barrels at the end of the road. Pick up the Dossier Folders there, and then return to the area where you killed the soldiers, and go right.

Make sure you investigate each area for additional Hydra Briefcases and Dossiers. Also, don’t forget to destroy the explosive barrels.

In this area you will find another Ceramic Egg, located on a balcony, to the right and an enemy film reel, which can be found on the same balcony, in a hidden area to the left, while facing the door.

Your goal is to enter the bunkhouse, but don’t forget to explore the small yard to the left, where you will find more Dossiers and explosive barrels.

When all items were picked up and all explosive barrels destroyed, enter the bunkhouse, through the front door.

Objective 2: Find a radio

When you enter the bunkhouse, make sure you follow the instructions on the screen to kill as many soldiers as you can with one throw.

Stay alert because more Hydra soldiers will attack you.

After you clear the center room, take your time and explore each chamber. You should find two Zemo Diaries and multiple Dossiers here. Search the bottom floor first and then go upstairs, for more items.

Approach the door on the bottom floor and try to open it. You will be asked to find some codes and to use them on the device to the left.

The codes can be found in the room at the other side of the floor. Interact with the radio on the wall and you will receive them: Alfa Delta Four Four Delta.

Return to the door and access the device to decrypt the code.

When the door opens, exit and search the left side of the room for a Dossier then follow the stairs to the right.

Take out all soldiers and pick up the Gold Falcon Statue on the left and the Dossier. You will find these items on two desks.

On the right side of the chamber, you will see another desk. Pick up the Dossier there and the Ballistic Soldiers reel.

Contact HQ using the highlighted radio and pay attention to the dialogue that starts between Captain America, Peggy and Stark.

When the dialogue ends, your objective will change.

Objective 3: Destroy the Final AA Cannon

To complete this objective you have to escape the bunkhouse. The Hydra soldiers that attack you will use smoke grenades. Don’t forget to press Up on your D-Pad to locate your enemies, and kill them as fast as you can.

When your enemies are down, go downstairs and exit the building.

Follow the street and go left. More soldiers will attack you, but you can use the explosive barrels in your advantage. Take them out and continue, following the star you see on the ground.

Eventually, you will reach a dead end, and in front of you is a truck. Go right and pick up the Ceramic Egg and the Dossiers you see on the ground, then return and go left, around the truck. It is a hidden alley there, and you can follow it to advance.

In the next area you must fight several soldiers and a sniper. There is also a cannon and you must keep an eye on it, because it inflicts massive damage.

First kill the soldiers on the ground, then throw your shield to take out the sniper and the cannon operator. When the yard is cleared, explore it and you will find a Ceramic Egg on the right side and multiple Dossiers.

Enter the barn and go right. Climb the ladder and go right again. At the end of the platform you will see a mechanism which allows you to open the gate on the ground. While facing the mechanism press Up on your D-Pad and you will see a gate that can be destroyed by your shield.

After you destroy it, jump on the poles and you will reach a water tower. Go around it and you will find a Virginal Statuette.

Jump down and continue through the gate you just opened.

You will enter an underground passage and in front of you is desk. Pick up the schematic there to unlock the Snap Together Soldiers achievement/trophy, and then follow the tunnel to the right.

In the next area, kill the Hydra soldiers and follow the stairs up. Take out the tower operators and press Up to reveal the control panel that must be destroyed to sabotage the AA Gun.

After the gun is destroyed, go back downstairs and follow the door on the right.

The next area is a large yard. You must focus on killing the snipers as fast as you can. To the left is a cannon that you can use to take out the snipers on the other side of the yard. There are also multiple containers that you can climb on and multiple explosive barrels that you can destroy. Each collectible and important item is marked on your map and you should pick them up before leaving the yard.

After you destroy all barrels, kill all enemies and pick up all items and Dossiers, go to the right side of the yard, and exit through the highlighted door.

Take out the workers inside the first room and go left.

The next area is a large warehouse, and it is filled with workers hired by Hydra. First, make sure you clear the entire area, and use the explosive barrels in your advantage.

Next, pick up the Dossiers and then go to the other side, and kill the armored soldier. If you run out of Focus, hit him with the shield while standing near him. Make sure you hit him as fast as you can.

After he dies, follow the small door that he used to enter the warehouse and then go right. Make sure you pick up the film reel on the workbench to the right, and the Dossiers. Exit this room and go left, where another armored soldier waits.

Take him out and follow the stairs up. You will see a door to the right, but it is locked. To open it, you must get on the other side, where you will find the control panel. Press Up on D-Pad and you will see the poles that you can use to get there.

Near the locked door is a large ventilation system.

Throw your shield and then approach the wall on the left to get there and pick up the items you find.

Now, get to the other side, and take out the snipers. Make sure you pick up the Scorcher Schematic and the Prussian Helmet, as well as the Ceramic Egg and the Dossiers, you find in this room. Activate the control panel and open the locked door, then use the door on the left to get back.

Advance and pick up the Ceramic Egg you see to the left and the Dossier Folders. Another Ceramic Egg is behind the lockers. Pick it up and continue through the door at the end of the room.

Follow the stairs to the right and then jump using the poles. Kill the sniper that awaits you on the platform then press Up on D-Pad. Jump on the ledge and go left.

When you get on the other side, kill all soldiers and look around for more Dossiers. Pick them up and enter the armory.

There is only one path to follow inside the armory, and multiple enemies. Make sure you kill them all, and then investigate the place to find additional items. After you pick them up, plant the explosive and exit, before the explosion.

In the next area, all you have to do is to follow the stairs up and then right. There is also a secret passage to the left, which takes you back to the center of the facility. This passage can be used if you want to pick up the items you missed.

If you wish to advance, decrypt the code near the elevator and use it to reach the estate rooftop.

When the elevator is activated, you will complete this chapter and you will unlock the Trojan Splinters achievement/trophy.

The next chapter in the game is called The Secret Journey.

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