Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 2: The Flemish Farm

The Flemish Farm is the second chapter featured in Captain America: Super Soldier, the video game and the guide below explains how to complete it.

It is a step-by-step text guide and the third part in the full Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough.

The chapter continues the events started in Stand Alone Together, inside a Bavarian research facility controlled by Hydra and Zola.

Captain America’s first objective is to disable the second AA Gun, and as soon as this chapter begins, players will be attacked by several Hydra soldiers.

Objective: Disable the AA Gun

Clear the room and look around for a golden star. It is in front of a door on the right side of the chamber, and it marks the path that you must follow.

Exit through the door and advance until you reach a large door guarded by two soldiers.

Kill them and enter the library.

First, go left and investigate the corridor and the room on the right. You will find a Dossier Folder at the end of the corridor and one inside the room, to the right, on a desk.

You will notice that you also have to defeat a Grunt. He protects a secret door.

Follow the tunnel behind the door, and you will find the Zemo Diary Entry Two: Lineage.

When you reach the end of the corridor, open the secret door and you will enter a large chamber. Here you must defeat several soldiers. Make sure you grab them and then use the attack button to stagger them. When they are down, perform a finishing move.

After the chamber is cleared, explore it. Near the chimney is a film reel (Baron von Strucker), and when you pick it up you will unlock the 24 Frames a Second trophy/achievement. There are also several Dossiers near the chimney, on two desks.

After you pick them up, approach the door on the other side of the room and use the mechanism on the wall to open it.

Behind the door, pick up the Dossier on the desk to the left, and the Ceramic Egg, on the ground, to the right.

Follow the stairs down and watch the cutscene. Go right and you will see a small chamber. Enter and pick up the Grunt/Spartan Reel, then return to the main chamber.

Look for another chamber to the left and inside it, you will find the third Zemo’s Diary Entry, called Legend.

Next, return to the main chamber and sabotage the heat exchanger, but stay alert because after it explodes you will be attacked.

After all Hydra’s soldiers are killed, press Up on your D-Pad and you will see several points of interest that are highlighted. These points allow you to reach hidden areas, but to do that, you must interact with different objects. Take your time and investigate the room.

Throw your shield to activate the ladders and after that you can climb them. The path that you must follow is marked by a golden star. When you reach that position, high on the platform, go right and you will find another Zemo Diary Entry, called Entry Four – Discovery.

Now, return and use the poles to reach higher platforms. Make sure you pay attention to the environment and you will reach one area where you have to run around a wall. To the left is a Ceramic Egg. Pick it up and continue, following the poles and the suspended platforms.

When you reach the heat exchanger sabotage it and use the hole caused by the explosion to exit.

Go left and then right until you see another pole. Jump on it and on the next two ledges, to reach the next area.

Approach the ammo feed and sabotage it to complete your objective.

Watch the cutscene and you will complete the second chapter of the game. The achievement/trophy unlocked is called Overdue Notice.

Immediately after the cutscene, you will start the third chapter, named The Wooden Horse.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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