Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 18: Went the Day Well?

Went the Day Well is the final chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier and the game guide below is the final part in our full Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough. The guide reveals the path that must be followed by players who wish to beat the last boss in the game, known as the Sleeper.

Defeating the Sleeper is the only way to complete Captain America: Super Soldier, the action video game released on July 19, 2011.

Captain America’s fight against Zola and his latest creation, has come to an end. His task is to defeat the Sleeper with the help of his friends who are ready to strike.

While Zola managed to escape, Captain America can’t allow the Sleeper to leave the Bavarian facility.

Objective 1: Rendezvous with Bomber in Courtyard

When the chapter begins you have to return to the Courtyard.

Follow the same path you used to reach the Chapel and make sure you use your map, if you are lost.

When you reach the gate to the Courtyard, get ready for the final act of the game. Keep in mind that if you enter the Courtyard you won’t be able to turn back, and if you missed a collectable or an achievement/trophy you have to start the game from the beginning or you have to load the last saved position.

When you are ready, open the gate and watch the cutscene.

Objective 2: Defeat the Sleeper

When the cutscene ends, destroy Zola’s bot. Use your shield and the special attacks to damage him, and make sure you dodge all the time.

After you destroy the robot, call an airstrike using the Range Finder on the right. You will damage the Sleeper, but he will concentrate his attacks on you.

Go left and follow the stairs down. Launch yourself and grab the first ledge, then jump up, to the next ledge. Go right on the balcony, then left and right again. Don’t stop, because the Sleeper will kill you.

Take out the next robot and the soldiers that attack you, then use the Rocket Turret on the Sleeper. Aim for the Sleeper’s head and get ready, because when he turns to you, he will fire a very powerful beam.

Deflect it using your shield and press the corresponding button, otherwise you will die.

Exit this area through the door on the left and launch yourself from the balcony.

Jump on the poles and when you reach the ground, kill all soldiers in front of you and Zola’s robot.

When the robot is destroyed, you will find the Sleeper’s weak points.

Make sure you aim for all three cables and throw your shield to defeat the Sleeper.

Watch the final cutscene and you will unlock The Big Sleepover trophy/achievement.

Congratulations! You completed Captain America: Super Soldier!

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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