Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 17: The First of the Few

Players, who manage to complete The First of the Few, will be able to access the last chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier.

The First of the Few is the 17th. chapter in the game and it features another boss fight, but this time it’s against Zola’s Robot (Bot).

Captain America found Falsworth inside the Chapel, but he also found Zola’s latest creation.

It is a robot body controlled by the mad scientist, and the only way to save Falsworth is to destroy Zola’s Bot.

Objective: Defeat Zola’s Bot – Boss Fight

Zola’s robot is one of the weakest bosses in the game, as long as you know how to destroy it.

This boss uses three types of attacks. Two of them are ranged, and the third one is a melee attack.

His first range attack can’t be countered or deflected by Captain America’s shield. Zola’s Bot will launch a bullet on the ground, which creates a force field. The field expands and explodes, inflicting damage. You should avoid this attack by dodging and by staying away from the force field. If you are caught you must complete a series of quick-events.

The second attack allows Zola’s Bot to fire normal bullets. These bullets can be deflected by Captain America’s shield and will generate Focus Points. This attack is similar to Hydra’s normal attack.

Zola’s melee attack inflicts massive damage. You will notice that; after you deflect a bullet, he will charge forward, trying to grab you. Dodge and stay away at all costs, otherwise he will catch you and you must complete another series of quick-events.

The boss is also vulnerable to all shield attacks, but the amount of damage he takes is smaller than the damage inflicted by a special attack.

Since you can regenerate your Focus by deflecting Zola’s bullets, hit him hard with any special attack and you will defeat him.

When you run out of Focus, deflect his bullets.

After you kill him, explore the room and pick up the collectable and all Ceramic Eggs. There are also several Dossiers and explosive barrels that you should destroy.

Approach Falsworth and sabotage the device.

Watch the cutscene to complete this chapter and to unlock the Science and Spirit trophy/achievement.

The last chapter in the game is called Went the Day Well?

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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