Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 16: Church On Time

Church On Time is the 16th. chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier and the following game guide explains how to complete it.

It is a step-by-step game guide, and the 17th. part in the full Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough we created with the purpose of helping players who wish to beat the game.

Captain America finally tracked down Falsworth and now he must rescue him.

Falsworth is inside a Chapel but to reach his position, Captain America will have to fight Red Skull’s soldiers that block his path.

Objective: Rescue Falsworth

When the chapter begins, destroy the crates to your left and you will find a Ceramic Egg.

Advance and go left to reach a small plaza.

Kill all soldiers and investigate the street and the porches because there are several Dossiers hidden in this area.

Pick them up and follow the stairs to the left.

Advance and you will reach an area where your path is blocked by a chasm.

Activate your Tactical Vision and you will see a ledge on the wall to the left. Grab it and follow the highlighted ledges and poles to reach the other side of the street.

Enter the destroyed house and use the ledge on the wall to the right to climb. Make sure you neutralize the AA gun to the right, then go left and kill the armored soldier.

Advance and you will reach a blocked door. To the right is a passage and at the end of this passage you will find a collectable.

Pick it up, then return and decrypt the code to open the door.

Enter the house and go upstairs until you see the Range Finder. Stay alert because you will encounter several soldiers.

Use the Range Finder (not the cannon) to destroy one of the tanks; then go through the door to the left, while facing the remaining tank.

Take out the soldiers you encounter and advance inside the house. Use the Range Finder to destroy the second tank, and then jump outside.

Kill the soldiers that block your way, and then enter the Chapel to complete this chapter and to unlock a new trophy/achievement: Tank Me Later.

The next chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier is The First of the Few.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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