Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 11: They Were Expendable

They Were Expendable is another chapter featured in Captain America: Super Soldier and the following game guide is the 12th part of our full Captain America: Super Soldier video game walkthrough.

The guide explains how to complete this chapter and how to defeat all enemies encountered by Captain America, without having to restart the game.

After he successfully managed to defeat Madame Hydra, Captain America must find a radio to contact HQ and inform them about Red Skull.

The action in this chapter continues the events started in the previous part and Captain America is on the surface, inside the Bavarian facility.

His task it so cross the Orchard and get inside the East Bastion, where he located a radio station.

Objective: Find Red Skull

Go right and follow the trench until you reach the AA canon. Kill the guards that protect it and then place an explosive charge to blow it up.

Continue through the trench but make sure you investigate the entrance to the left where you will find the Warden Schematic.

Advance and take out the sniper and the next AA canon, and then follow the trench.

Eventually, you will reach an underground outpost. Kill the workers and pick up the Stein, then go left.

Advance and you will reach a large area and on the other side you will notice a cannon. Don’t try to block the rockets, just dodge all the time and move forward until you get near it. Kill the operator, then mount the cannon and take out the remaining soldiers.

When the area is cleared, dismount the cannon and follow the trench behind you and then go left and left again.

The entrance to the East Bastion is well protected. Use your Focus on armored enemies and perform multiple finishing attacks to increase the number of Focus points.

After you clear the entrance, go left and activate the Tactical Vision. First pick up the Dossier on the blue container and then launch yourself and grab the highlighted ledge. While on the ledge, go right, over the entrance and you will find a film reel.

Pick it up and enter the bastion.

When you enter, look behind you to the left and you will find a Dossier. Move forward and then right and right again. In a small chamber you will find a Screamer Schematic.

Pick it up, then return and move forward until and right. Launch yourself and jump from one pole to another until you reach a platform. To the right you will see several devices including the radio you are looking for.

Talk to Peggy and she will inform you that you need to use the railway to reach the air dock.

Pull the lever behind you and then go down and use the elevator to get to the rail line.

When the elevator reaches the bottom floor you will complete this chapter and you will unlock a new trophy/achievement called Pleasant Stroll.

The next chapter in the game is the Red Ball Express.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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