Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough – Chapter 10: Keep Your Powder Dry

Keep Your Powder Dry is the 10th chapter in Captain America: Super Soldier and unlike other chapters, it also features a boss fight.

The following game guide was created with the purpose of helping players who want to defeat Madame Hydra faster, and it offers tips, tricks and strategies that can be used during the fight.

The guide is part of the full Captain America: Super Soldier text walkthrough. Additionally, the game guide includes a video from YouTube, which shows how to finish Keep Your Powder Dry.

After Captain America enters the large estate used by Madame Hydra to escape, he must pursue her and save Falsworth.

The chapter continues the events started in the previous mission and Captain America must hurry up and find Madame Hydra before she gets away again.

Objective: Track down Madame Hydra

When you enter the estate, don’t forget that you must destroy as many statues as you can.

Follow the stairs up and destroy more statues, then go left and follow the stairs down and up again.

Eventually, you will reach a large chamber and a cutscene starts, and you must face Madame Hydra.

Madame Hydra Boss Fight

The fight against this boss can be tricky because you can’t reach her and you must deflect her bullets.

Pay attention to the white vertical lines that appear on your screen. Press the block button exactly when one line is on top of the other one (when they coincide), and you will be able to deflect the bullets and hurt Madame Hydra.

Some attacks can’t be deflected and you must dodge or use you shield to defend yourself.

Additionally, several soldiers will appear on your floor. Make sure you take them out quickly. You can also throw your shield and try to hit Madame Hydra, but you will notice that she dodges your attacks.

After you hit her several times she will flee. Explore the room and then follow her.

There is only one path to follow and you will reach a corridor where you will be able to see her.

Unfortunately she escapes again and you must find an alternative route.

First, make sure you destroy all statues, and then activate your Tactical Vision and you will see several doors that can be opened. Investigate all adjacent chambers for additional Ceramic EggsSchematics and Dossiers.

The exit you are looking for is behind a library, and you can see it only if you use your Tactical Vision. The secret tunnel takes you to the trophy room.

When you reach the trophy room you will face Madam Hydra again, and you must use the same tactics. You will notice that she stands on a balcony and you are surrounded by soldiers. Try to lure them under Hydra’s balcony and to take them out. If you use this strategy you will avoid Hydra’s powerful bullets.

When all enemies are dead, get out and deflect her bullets.

Eventually, she will come down and you must get near her and perform several special attacks, until she runs again.

Explore the room and you will find a collectable on a desk to the right while facing the balcony.

Follow Hydra up the stairs and get under the balcony again. Kill the soldiers and try to save your Focus Points, then get out and deflect Hydra’s bullets with your shield, until she comes down.

Use your special attacks to inflict more damage and you will see her run for the third time.

You have to make sure that you dodge the explosives she throws at you, otherwise you will die. Stay away from the green smoke and block her bullets.

The key to win the battle against Hydra is perfect timing.

After you defeat her a small cutscene will start.

Watch it and then explore the rooms if you did not collect all items. When you are ready to move forward, follow the path indicated by the star on the ground.

Use the hole created by the explosion that killed Hydra to exit the trophy room, and you will unlock a new achievement/trophy called Taming of the Shrew.

The next chapter in the game is They Were Expandable.

Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough
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