Can You Trust Online Reviews?

The booming of online businesses and e-commerce has seen a rise of online reviews. Today, many people rely on online reviews whenever they want to purchase either a product or a service since online evaluations are available for both. Recent reports show that 88% of consumers rely on online reviews whenever they want to purchase a product or service. As a mom and avid gamer, I buy a ton of stuff online and rely on reviews to know whether or not a product is worth buying. However, results from various reputable sources reveal that 30% of online reviews are fake. As a consumer, can you, therefore, how do you know which online reviews you can trust?

Why do you want to trust online reviews?

Online reviews give an overview of consumer satisfaction….
Where online reviews are genuine, they highlight the extent to which the product has met consumer expectations. The nature of these overviews cut across product description, the outer face, quality, product parts, description, functionality, and effectiveness.

Online reviews give feedback on the product….

Genuine online reviews give feedback on the product; information that every consumer needs in their decision-making process. A survey done by BrightLocal showed that 88% of consumers rely on online reviews as they would on a personal recommendation from a friend. This, therefore, calls for manufacturers, businesses and services provider to not only monitor their online performance but also improve the quality of products and items based on viable critics from their buyers.

Genuine online reviews provide feedback to manufacturers….
Nevertheless, online reviews give feedback to manufacturers. When reviewing certain products, you will find that the manufacturer has taken time to reply and comment on the consumer’s reports. In so doing, the manufacturer is better placed to improve on the product’s quality and functionality. Such reviews on services and products have a positive effect on the community as they lead to better products and services.

What makes an honest online review?

It is worth noting that particular factors can make you trust online reviews. Such pointers include:
active online community….
An active online community authenticates the reliability of an online review. A key point is a provision of the room for the readers (consumers) to add additional comments to a review and say whether or not the information provided is useful to them. It is otherwise known as the reviews of reviews. It enables you to make a sound judgment on the product. Notable examples of reviews sites with an active online community include Amazon, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. Buyers give reviews that consumers heavily rely on. Did you know that Amazon reviews are the most trusted reviews whenever someone wants to make a purchase?
Frequent and loyal buyers….
Online shopping has overcome the limitations of distance and time as people can easily shop online. One of the best ways to spot authentic online reviews is to identify with frequents buyers or consumers. It is undebatable that a good product will have you coming back for better experiences. Moreover, such frequent consumers usually have a positive feed as well as criticism of the product if any. They are equally not simultaneous and exaggerated.

Why can’t you trust all online reviews?

While about 88% of consumers rely on online reviews to shop, about 33% of consumers remain skeptical about the authenticity of online reviews. In fact, everything you read online is not true. Some of the reasons as to why you cannot always trust online reviews include:
Online reviews are subjective
It is worth noting that we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to products. Whatever one finds appealing and attractive may not have the same effect on another consumer. By being subjective, online reviews are merely based on a personal perspective and view. Besides, someone may simply be out there to bash a business name, a brand or a particular service out of sheer malice.
However, there is good news for everyone looking for genuine reviews on products and services. Reputable destinations such as Top 10 Sites | Expert Reviews on Products & Services maintain an authentic and professional approach that gives you access to the best products and services from leading brands. There encompass everything from antivirus, VPN Channels, web hosting, and much more cutting across software services, online business, lifestyle & entertainment, and career & education reviews.
Presence of product review businesses
There are several websites online whose work is to provide fake reviews. All they need is for you to sign up for an account and positively review a product. In the real sense, you may not interact with a product since what they want is a review and what you want is money.
Additionally, companies want to gain better Google rankings. For this reason, they may have their employees or hire associates to write reviews for them at a fee or for free. On the other hand, competitor businesses and websites can write negative reviews to imposingly taint the image of a business and or its products. These are just a few examples that tell you relying on online reviews is not always the best option.

When not to trust online negative online reviews

A few indicators that should give you reasons to doubt negative online reviews include:
Anonymous accounts
Reviews by anonymous accounts are a crucial indicator of false online reviews. They may either be positive or negative. These may be part of the people that are paid to write reviews on products. Trustworthy accounts are those that have valid user details and sometimes addresses. Notably, most anonymous accounts are newly created and have no previous reviews.
Biased comments
Individual users may have biased comments; which can be positive or negative. Most noteworthy is the fact that biased comments indicate fake reviews. Some biased comments may indicate that the reviewer has little or no knowledge of the product they are reviewing at all. These are usually fragmental and show missing gaps.

All in all, It is still debatable whether or not you can trust online reviews. However, it is undebatable that there are both genuine online reviews and fake online reviews. The tips mentioned above on when to trust and when not to trust online reviews will help you decide on whether the product or service you intend to buy is genuine.

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