Black Ops II Suffer With Me Intel #3 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops II Suffer With Me Intel Locations

In Call of Duty Black Ops II, the seventh mission is called Suffer With Me. This is available after completing Karma mission in 2025.

David Mason asks Frank Woods about what happened with Raul Menendez after Nicaragua, meaning the mission is another flashback, this time set in 1989. However, the playable character in this mission is Woods, and with the help of his team, he must capture Manuel Noriega in Panama.

Also, this is the last mission in the 1980s storyline.

In Suffer with me, we don’t have to worry about Black Ops 2 Intel collectibles until later when we can use weapons, hence it’s best to follow the hints and tips in the Call of Duty Black Ops II guide below if we want to get them in a single playthrough.

Mission Details

“Mason and Woods join US Navy Seals in the invasion of Panama, on a mission to capture Manuel Noriega.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: MP5

Primary Attachments: Rapid Fire

Secondary Weapon: Colt M16A1

Secondary Attachments: Reflex Sight; Grenade Launcher; Fast Mag

Grenades & Equipment: Grenade; Flashbang

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

After we follow Mason through the skylight when we have to assist the SEALs, we kill some enemies and then we have to go through a room with office desks (or alongside this room, if we’re using the balcony).

At the end of the room we have to turn right and go downstairs after Mason.

Before heading down the stairs, we have to check the shelves with cardboard boxes. The middle one has the first Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel that can be acquired in this specific story mission.

Intel #1

Intel Location #2

The second Black Ops II Intel can be found when we have to escort Noriega.

This section presents multiple paths towards our objective, and regardless of our choices, we will eventually reach a church .

While standing in front of the church (at about 75m distance from the waypoint), we turn left to see a cracked wall.

We go through the wall and the BO2 Intel is right in front of us, on the counter near the ammo supply crates.

Intel #2

Intel Location #3

After we get inside the hospital (just after the cutscene featuring old Woods and David Mason), we have to follow Mason and Noriega. We head inside the next room, and then we have to turn left to go after Mason.

Before doing that, we need to check the room that’s just ahead. Here we can find the third Intel in Call of Duty Black Ops II Suffer With Me on the metal table with the sink.

Next, we find out what really happened in the past so we can complete the mission. Then we can begin the next story mission, Achilles’ Veil.

However, we may choose to complete Dispatch before Achilles’ Veil, because the Strike Force levels will no longer be available after that.

Intel #3
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