Black Ops II Old Wounds Intel #3 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops II Old Wounds Intel Locations

The third mission in Call of Duty Black Ops II is called Old Wounds and it is unlocked after completing Celerium mission. Call of Duty Black Ops II Old Wounds mission begins after the cutscene where we find out more about Menendez’s story.

Once again, old Frank Woods takes us back in 1986, where the playable character is Alex Mason. The location is Afghanistan, and our primary objective is to gather Intel on Menendez Cartel in order to find out what’s Menendez’s connection with the Soviets.

The following Black Ops 2 guide reveals the locations of all three Intel collectibles found in Mission 3.

If we want to find them in a single playthrough, we have to use the hints and screenshots below, because they present the Black Ops II Intel locations in the same order as they appear in the game.

Mission Details

“Mason re-enlists with the CIA and joins Woods in Afghanistan, supplying weapons to the Mujahideen in exchange for vital intel on Mendez’ whereabouts.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: AK47

Primary Attachments: Extended Clip

Secondary Weapon: Makarov

Secondary Attachments: none

Grenades & Equipment: Grenade; Flashbang

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

Exactly when we finish talking with the rebel leader, the base is attacked and we have to get outside to defend it. However, before exiting the room, we need to check the left side of the chamber, where Hudson and the other three men are standing.

On the ammo crates near the wall we can find the first Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel.

Black Ops II Old Wounds Intel #1 Location
Intel #1

Intel Location #2

The second Intel in Call of Duty Black Ops II Old Wounds is easy to miss, even if we pass by it a few times during the mission. There are  few moments when we can explore the surroundings without the fear of losing the mission.

Therefore, the best time to search for this Black Ops II collectable is after we destroy the tanks which attack the main base, and before heading to the weapons cache objective.

We grab a horse and we proceed north, starting from the main base’s gate. Eventually we come by a thin rock/cliff (there are many similar formations around, but this is probably the most “pointed”, as viewed when coming from the main base).

At the base of this rock there are weapons and ammo supplies. Nearby is a red flag, and next to it is the Black Ops 2 Intel item.

Black Ops II Old Wounds Intel #2 Location
Intel #2

Intel Location #3

When we arrive in the area where we have to retake the weapons cache, we have to dismount our horse if we want to traverse the valley. Here we can find some caves, but before doing anything else, it is recommended to get rid of the enemy choppers and the BTR.

As we’re looking towards the objective’s waypoint (standing at an approximate distance of 100m), we turn right to see a larger cave. At the entrance of this cave, on a small rock, we can grab the third CoD Intel. After we complete the remaining objectives and we finish Old Wounds, we unlock a mission named FOB Spectre.

This is a special mission and it is part of the Strike Force levels. These levels don’t include any collectables, hence we play until we unlock the next story mission, named Time and Fate.

Also, we must be aware of the fact that the second Strike Force mission, called Shipwreck, is only available for 4 campaign missions.

Black Ops II Old Wounds Intel #3 Location
Intel #3
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