Black Ops II Fallen Angel Intel #3 Location

Call of Duty Black Ops II Fallen Angel Intel Locations

Call of Duty Black Ops II Fallen Angel is the fifth mission in the videogame, and it is available after finishing Time and Fate.

The mission starts after the cinematic movie that shows us a new enemy, DeFalco, and more about young David’s past. Fallen Angel is a 2025 mission, and it takes places on the flooded streets of Pakistan.

The primary objective of this mission is to gather Intel on Menendez.

The following Black Ops II Intel locations’ guide contains useful tips and screenshots, and it reveals the location of all three BO2 Intel collectibles in proper order.

Mission Details

“David Mason’s team heads to Pakistan to spy on Menendez, who has co-opted rogue ISI leaders to reverse engineer a downed US drone.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: MTAR

Primary Attachments: Millimeter Scanner

Secondary Weapon: Tac-45

Secondary Attachments: Laser Sight

Grenades & Equipment: Semtex; Concussion

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

The first Intel in Call of Duty Black Ops II Fallen Angel is actually very easy to miss, because it is available right away and we could overlook it.

Exactly when the mission starts, we can control two CLAW units. In the same room where Harper activates one for us (CLAW Maximus), we need to check the big store shelves on the right side of the room.

There we can find the Intel item.

Intel #1

Intel Location #2

Immediately after we help Harper to open the gate in order to escape the bus, we can find the second Black Ops II Intel. Instead of following him, we take a right turn in the small alleyway with red lights.

In here we can find an ammo crate, and next to it, behind the corner, the CoD BO2 Intel.

Intel #2

Intel Location #3

After we pass by the two MQ drones undetected, we have to follow Harper through a damaged building (the building with the big sign on which we can read “BANK ORE”).

Once again, before going after him, we need to look closely in the rubble that’s right in front of us (behind the wall near Harper). There we can get the third Intel in Fallen Angel mission.

The mission takes a while to complete, but after that we can either play I.E.D., a Strike Force level, or Karma, the next story mission.

Intel #3
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