Black Ops II Judgment Day Intel #1Location

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Judgment Day

Call of Duty Black Ops II Judgment Day is the final CoD BO 2 mission, being available after the completion of the previous mission named Cordis Die.

Haiti is the location from where Raul Menendez coordinates his attack on USA and China. Playing as David Mason, we join forces with other military allies in the final struggle against a common enemy.

The mission objectives are to disable the drones’ connection and find Menendez to stop him once and for all.

Given the fact that Judgment Day is an offensive mission, we may miss some Intel collectables, but if we use the tips and screenshots in the following Black Ops 2 Intel guide, it shouldn’t be a problem to collect all three of them.

Mission Details

“JSOC launch a massive assault against the Haitian facility broadcasting the signal controlling the US drone fleet.”

Recommended Loadout

Primary Weapon: SCAR-H

Primary Attachments: Target Finder; Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon: XPR-50

Secondary Attachments: Dual Band Scope

Grenades & Equipment: XM31 Grenade; EMP Grenade

Perks: Access Kit

Intel Location #1

As soon as we touch the ground, we commence our attack. We follow the waypoint until we climb a slope (our team shouts to deal with the machine gun in the building in front of us).

At this point, we have two options, we either continue through the construction site on the left, or we take the stairs on the right side. Taking the stairs spawns two enemy vehicles.

We eliminate them quickly and then we head inside the building on the right side (the building with the number 27 written on it). We kill the enemies inside, and we use the stairs to get to the second floor.

Here we can find the first Black Ops 2 Intel in Judgment Day on a computer desk (we turn right exactly when we reach the top of the stairs, and it’s the desk in the corner).

Black Ops II Judgment Day Intel #1Location
Intel #1

Intel Location #2

After getting the previous Intel, we need to enter the main building, but the path is blocked by two CLAW units. We deal with them through any means necessary and then we go inside the building. Our objective is to reach the control room and shut down Menendez’s drones.

Therefore, we continue to clear the rooms until we reach the room with large screens on its walls. The waypoint indicates the smaller control room located on top of the stairs. We climb the stairs between desks and we check the third row of desks.

Those on the left side (as we’re climbing) have the second BO2 Intel.

Black Ops II Judgment Day Intel #2 Location
Intel #2

Intel Location #3

We use the computer to stop the drones and then bombs explode around the facility. Now we have to follow Harper through the damaged building in order to catch Menendez. We clear few rooms filled with enemies until we reach a small circular room with numerous platforms and catwalks.

If we circle around this room we can find several stairs that lead below the platform we are currently on (the waypoint dictates to go upstairs, but we should maintain our position). We go downstairs in the dark area, and we move below the room’s entrance.

On a crate we find the third Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Intel (the Intel is just below us as we enter this particular room).

It is also the last Intel in the videogame, and if we followed the complete Call of Duty Black Ops II Intel locations’ guide, we should be awarded with the High IQ achievement/trophy when we complete the mission.

Now we have to make a final decision and with that, the single-player campaign ends.

Black Ops II Judgment Day Intel #3 Location
Intel #3
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