Bulletstorm Remaster Releases 2017

Bulletstorm Remaster Releases 2017

Bulletstorm, the first-person shooter originally released in 2011 is getting a remaster version, which was revealed at E3 2016.

The way it was revealed; however, is very unusual.

At an event held during E3, those working in the interactive entertainment industry received an USB stick on which they were able to find a folder named “Bulletstorm Remaster.”.

Inside the said folder there were several screenshots (see them all below), and one of them contained additional information about the upcoming version of Bulletstorm.

Beside the release date (Spring 2017) People Can Fly is listed as the game’s publisher.

The previous version of the game was published by Electronic Arts for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. People Can Fly was part of Epic Games at that time, but last year People Can Fly separated from Epic Games.

The Polish developer kept the ownership of Bulletstorm and according to the images on the stick, they are now both developer and publisher of the new version.

The images don’t reveal all the platforms on which we will be able to run Bulletstorm Remaster (except Xbox One), but Spring 2017 is still pretty far, so we expect to hear more from People Can Fly in the near future.

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