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Brink Game Guide: How to play as an Engineer

The Engineer is a character class available in Brink, the video game developed by Splash Damage for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Unlike other classes, such as the Soldier, the Medic, or the Operative, the engineer’s duty is to improve the weapons of his teammates.

Additionally, in Brink, the engineer can repair and establish new tactical zones, using some of the abilities described below.

The player, who decides to assume the role of an engineer, while playing Brink, should know that this is a support class, focused on helping other players.

The engineer is able to repair various structures, or he can build new ones such as turrets. A unique skill of this class is to hack the devices placed by the operatives, and to defuse the bombs planted by soldiers.

The engineer can also buff other classes by upgrading their weapons for a short time.

The following guide explains how to play Brink, as an engineer, revealing some skills and abilities of this class, as well as some equipment that can be used in the game.

How to play as an Engineer

The Engineer – Equipment and Buffs

In Brink, engineers are able to construct various structures. To do that, the engineer must approach the target and interact with it for a limited time. What is important to know, is that if several engineers interact with the same target; the construction time is reduced.

In other words, two engineers can build or repair a structure faster than one.

After a structure is completed, it is a good idea to protect it, by placing turrets near it, because the soldiers are able to destroy it, using their charges.

Additionally, Brink engineers should know that they must remain in contact with the structure they build, until it’s finished. If the construction process is interrupted, it can be resumed.

To place a mine on the ground, the engineer will have to find a suitable place first. After the ability is selected, a white mark appears on the ground, indicating the range of the mine.

If the mark is red, the bomb cannot be placed; therefore the player must find another location.

Since the enemy operatives can spot mines, and the engineers can defuse them, players should use their imagination to surprise their opponents.

In order to use the engineer’s weapon buff on a teammate, while playing Brink, players must face the desired teammate and press the ability shortcut button. The engineer will throw a tool which automatically upgrades the teammate’s weapon.

The Engineer – Abilities and Skills List

The Standard Engineer Kit is used when the engineer must repair or construct something. It’s useful when the team must construct or repair an objective, but it can also be used to deploy machine guns nests and pyro mines.

Included in this kit is the Weapon Buff upgrade which allows the engineer to throw a tool to one of his teammates, instantly increasing the damage of his weapon.

The Armor Buff acts similar to the Weapon Buff, but affects the teammate’s armor which receives a small bonus.

Nerves of Steel is an engineer ability which slightly increases the speed of a friendly character when he has to disarm explosives.

The Light Turret allows the engineer to place turrets on the ground. The turret will detect any movement and will auto-fire; however this turret features light armor.

The Command Post upgrade is an ability which can be used by an engineer to upgrade a command post. When the engineer approaches the command post and interacts with it using this ability, a meter will appear on the screen. After the upgrade is completed, the command post will double its healing and supplying effects on the team.

The Medium Turret skill is similar to the Light Turret, but the turret placed on the ground has improved damage and armor. Additionally, to purchase this skill, an engineer has to buy the Light Turret first.

Improved Weapon Buff requires the Weapon Buff skill, but increases the weapon’s damage even more than the first buff. Players should know that the engineers can’t use these buffs to upgrade their own weapons.

The Gatling Turret can be purchased after the engineer buys the Medium Turret. It acts similar to the previous turrets, but its damage and armor are drastically increased.

Brink Video Game
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